Here are some of our favorite quarantine "stress buys"

Being isolated at home has people

stress-doing a lot of superfluous things.

Stress-texting exes? Check (but please, stop.)

Stress-baking sourdough bread? Sure.

Stress-losing sleep? Absolutely.

Stress-working out? Yes, things

have gotten that dire.

But one of the most common stress-induced activities

brought on by the pandemic has been stress-shopping

— for both essential and extraneous goods.

According to the Mercury Press, online shopping

has surged 25 percent across the United States.

as residents stay home in compliance with

social distancing suggestions from the CDC.

Goods included in the uptick

include everything from hand

sanitizer to workout gear.

Although making online purchases during

a pandemic can feel irresponsible, E-commerce

is also “an essential part of our economy,”

as fashion critic Vanessa Friedman

wrote for the New York Times.

a bit of retail therapy is certainly a quick way

to appease boredom — even if it’s only temporary.

With that in mind, here are some of

our team’s favorite quarantine stress

buys, all of which sparked at least a

little joy amid these difficult times.

Tie-Dye Rainbow Set.

“Please Wash Your Hands” Hoodie.

Jars and Jars of

Horman’s Best Pickles.

Classic Tie-Dye

graphic crocs.

A24-branded tube socks.

BirdRock home wood bed tray.

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha

Beta Daily Peel pads.

Black + Decker 12V Max

Cordless Lithium Drill.

Kiehl’s Face Fuel for Men Set.

Loop’s Beauty “Variety Loop” .

Everlane Luxe Cotton Jumpsuit.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons