Some of Our Favorite Former Disney Stars Just Recreated Their Wand IDs and It’s So Iconic

Photo credit: Image Group LA - Getty Images
Photo credit: Image Group LA - Getty Images

From Seventeen

Remember those days when you were watching Disney Channel when your favorite Disney star popped up with a magic wand and created glowing Mickey Mouse ears on the screen? Well some of those stars got a second chance at doing them thanks to a TikTok user.

But if they actually did this I would cry out of nostalgia," he wrote.

Much to his surprise, some Disney stars decided to join in on the fun starting with China McClain, who was also the first on his list. Of course, China had a lot of practice from her Disney days and the end result is absolutely amazing!

Laura Marano was the next one the list, who dueted with China's version, and hers didn't come out as well as she hoped. "China just completely nails the Mickey ears..and then there is me 😭."

Lemonade Mouth star Black Michael was up next and he also had a lot of fun with it.

Tia Mowry kept it going with her own fun rendition and things didn't go as planned.

Most recently, Skai Jackson posted her own and she actually nailed it pretty well!

Devin's original list included 15 different Disney stars and some of them have yet to respond. Here's hoping we'll be seeing them jump in on the fun soon enough!

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