My New Favorite Coffee Comes From a Convenience Store, Not a Coffee Shop

You might be going to the wrong place to get your cup of joe.

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Since transitioning to working remotely full-time over the last couple of years, I’ve made an effort to prepare my own coffee right at home in an attempt to save time and money. I figured if I wasn’t rushing through my morning commute into the city or working outside of the house all day, there really wasn’t a justifiable reason I couldn’t make a pot of coffee myself to sip on throughout the day. So I treated myself to a cute French press, picked up some coffee beans from a neighborhood cafe, and actually fell in love with the process and aroma of making my own coffee each morning. Who was this girl?!

However, we all have those crazy times when we’re running around with a laundry list of errands, appointments, and deadlines to meet. A couple of months ago, I was having one of those days. I didn’t even have time to track down the nearest Starbucks, but I wanted a hot cup of coffee in tow throughout my ventures. I happened to be passing a 7-Eleven, so I pulled into the lot, ran inside, and made myself a cuppa to go. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much, but it was caffeine and I was on the move. I returned to my car, pausing to take that first sip, and I was completely taken aback. This was one of the best cups of coffee I’d had (that I didn’t make myself) in a very long time—and I’ve got Starbucks, Dunkin', and great local coffee shops in my neighborhood. Who would have guessed that 7-Eleven has such quality, fresh coffee? I knew right away that I needed to dig deeper into my research and share this news with as many people as possible.

What Makes 7-Eleven’s Coffee So Good?

<p>Christine Fiorentino</p>

Christine Fiorentino

Oh, let me count the ways! Seriously, there are so many reasons 7-Eleven coffee hits it out of the park, and the store prides itself in brewing “the finest coffee beans” to deliver the perfect balance of flavor and aroma. And may I just say, they deliver!

Let’s break it down:

  • Paying homage to culture and history: 7-Eleven has an entire page on its website dedicated to the history of coffee, beginning in Ethiopia in the 9th century, expanding to Europe, and eventually being introduced to the New World. The convenience store appreciates and honors the backstory and how this comforting beverage has become an integral part of life.

  • Freshness and quality: The store’s dedication to freshness is evident. They take pride in the selection of premium beans sourced from reputable growers worldwide. In addition to using quality coffee beans, every single canister of coffee is a hearty piece of metal machinery that is constantly brewing fresh coffee. I have not seen one plastic or stand-alone canister at any 7-Eleven I’ve visited. Yes, I’ve now been 7-Eleven hopping on a Tuesday afternoon.

  • Coffee options: When it comes to plain black coffee, 7-Eleven offers everything from bold and robust, to smooth and mellow, as well as a decaffeinated option that is equally robust and piping hot. I appreciate that, as decaf is often the forgotten friend. In addition to regular coffee, 7-Eleven also offers specialty and seasonal beverages like the ever-present Pumpkin Spice Latte, Gingerbrewed Latte, a peppermint flavor feature, Winter Wonderland Latte, and more.

  • The coffee fixins’: 7-Eleven invites you to “make it your own,” and they don’t slack on options. They have different flavored creamers, milks, non-dairy creamers, spices, syrups, and toppings like marshmallows and whipped cream up for grabs so you can create your own concoction. The brand even offers recipes using its coffee on the website.

  • Milk options: As someone who does not add cow’s milk to her coffee, I really appreciate this one. If you’re with me, I know how frustrated you get paying an additional fee because you need or prefer almond, oat, or soy milk. At 7-Eleven, not only is it complimentary, but it’s also in your power to add it to your coffee as you please. If you’re down with milk and creamers, the hardest part of making your coffee will be choosing which one to add from the vast buffet of options! French vanilla, hazelnut, pumpkin spice, oh my!

  • Cups and lids: 7-Eleven has well-insulated cups that won’t burn your hands and secure snap-on lids that coffee does not leak from or spill out of. You won’t need a sleeve, and the sturdy cups won’t disintegrate in your hands.

  • The price is right: For high-quality, fresh, piping-hot coffee, I still can’t believe the prices. Read on to learn how much you could be saving by drinking 7-Eleven coffee.

How Much Does 7-Eleven’s Coffee Cost?

Let me preface this by mentioning that 7-Eleven just wrapped up a special, where if you sign up for its rewards program (it’s free, you just type in your phone number), you get a large coffee for $1.49. And that’s unlimited! This just kept getting better and better.

The normal prices at 7-Eleven are incredibly budget-friendly as well. Below is a breakdown of the average pricing for the entire hot coffee bar at 7-Eleven. It’s definitely worth noting that this is a flat-rate coffee bar. This includes plain and flavored coffee, lattes, espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate, specialty drinks like a pumpkin spice latte, and more. So you won’t be paying $2.59 for a large black coffee and $7.59 for a large brown sugar latte with extra oat milk and three pumps of syrup. I’m talking about quality beverages you can make your own, whether they come from a machine or not. There is also no additional charge for non-dairy milk options or additions such as powdered cinnamon, nutmeg, or flavored syrups.


  • 12-ounce small coffee: $2.19

  • 16-ounce medium coffee: $2.23

  • 20-ounce large coffee: $2.59

  • 24-ounce extra-large coffee: $2.89

These prices are such a deal for quality, fresh coffee and specialty drinks. This is especially true if you’re comparing them to the average price of a hot coffee at major coffee chains and local coffee shops. For example:


  • Tall Pike Roast (12 ounces): $3.15

  • Grande Pike Roast (16 ounces): $3.65

  • Venti Pike Roast (20 ounces): $3.95


  • Original Blend small coffee (12 ounces): $3.23

  • Original Blend medium coffee (14 ounces): $3.73

  • Original Blend large coffee (18 ounces): $4.23

  • Original Blend extra-large coffee (22 ounces): $4.23

Specialty/Local Coffee Shops:

  • Ranging, on average, anywhere from $3.00-$7.00

Best 7-Eleven Coffee Orders

<p>Christine Fiorentino</p>

Christine Fiorentino

The best 7-Eleven order is whatever you want it to be! As I’ve spread the word and asked friends, colleagues, and family to check out their nearest 7-Eleven coffee bar, I’ve circled back to all good things. I’ve personally been enjoying a bold, piping-hot large coffee with a splash of Silk Vanilla Coffee Creamer, and I love that it remains hot for so long. My husband drinks his coffee black with a splash of milk and some powdered cinnamon, and once I introduced him to 7-Eleven coffee, he was beyond impressed, not to mention extremely happy about the price. A colleague of mine tried the French Vanilla Latte from one of the coffee machines, yet made it her own by adding black coffee and additional plain milk to the mix in order to reduce the sweetness level and balance the flavor to her liking. She said it was absolutely delicious, especially for under $3.00! A friend of mine picked up the pumpkin spice latte and said it was amazing, high quality, well flavored, and that she couldn't stop thinking about having it again. So you see, everyone seems to find their perfect match at the 7-Eleven coffee bar because there truly is something for everyone.

<p>Christine Fiorentino</p>

Christine Fiorentino

I’ve Done the Convenience Store Research

Since my 7-Eleven epiphany,  I’ve visited nearly 10 7-Eleven locations and tried different brews from them all. I still have nothing negative to report back. I wanted to be sure I didn’t just catch them on a really good day, or that I don’t just have an extra special 7-Eleven in my area.

I’ve also tried the coffee at other convenience stores like QuickChek, Wawa, and Krauszer’s, just to be sure none of us are missing out on more amazing java. None of these stores served terrible coffee. It was fine. But they just didn’t knock it out of the park quite like 7-Eleven. The prices are on par, but as I tried the other convenience store drinks, I noticed where they fell short:

  • Less variety.

  • Not nearly hot enough and/or cool down too quickly.

  • Not strong enough (even the boldest options).

  • Lacked the distinct flavor of freshly brewed coffee.

  • Several empty or nearly empty canisters.

  • Decaf coffee that is old and pretty much empty.

  • Thin cups with no sleeves and flimsy lids.

  • More significant price jumps between sizes.

  • Far fewer non-dairy milk options for making your coffee, your way.

  • Stored in plastic canisters that don’t keep coffee hot or fresh for long.

So the next time you’re searching for your new favorite cup of coffee, or if you happen to pass a 7-Eleven, the legwork is done and the results are in. It’s confirmed that 7-Eleven coffee is high quality, affordable, and definitely worth a try!

*Prices may vary slightly, depending upon specific geographic locations.

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