What Your Favorite Celebrities Wore To World Pride, Glastonbury Festival, And More This Weekend

Sara Radin

Our weekend style round ups always cure our Monday blues, and this one is no different. There were so many all-star events this past weekend from World Pride in New York City to Glastonbury Festival in the UK, and even the Miu Miu Cruise 2020 show, which took place at a steeplechase track dating to 1873 in Paris (it was major!) — and you bet all of our favorite stars showed up decked to the nines. There were so many good fits, we honestly had a hard time narrowing down this list. Anyways, we hope this roundup will cure your Monday blues, too.

Most Fierce Pride Look: Billy Porter

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For World Pride in NYC, Pose star Billy Porter wore a custom Christian Siriano gown, that was a literal wearable flag. As per usual, he looked like a queen. We’re not worthy of such a stylish, fearless leader, and we won’t ever forget this look or any of his others.

All Grown/Dressed Up: The Stranger Things Cast

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This past weekend the Strangers Things’ cast celebrated the premiere of the third season of their hit show. Taking place at Santa Monica High School in Los Angeles, which was transformed into the show’s fictional Hawkins High School (there were cheerleaders and a marching band!) the young actors looked like the coolest teens ever. Millie Bobby Brown, our current cover star, wore an insane baby pink cocktail gown by Rodarte, dancing the night away with co-star Finn Howard. We just love them all soo much.

All Buckled Up: Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus, who recently made headlines over her hoodie collaboration with Marc Jacobs that benefits Planned Parenthood, covered herself in gaudy jewelry for her performance at Glastonbury, and donned a white tank, patent-leather pants and lace-up boots with big gold buckles. She looked greasy in the best way possible.

Best Guard Dog: Billie Eilish

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Our girl Billie performed at Glastonbury, where she asked her fans to put away their phones, in a look only the blōhsh designer could pull off. She wore an oversized matching set by Stella McCartney, which featured a pack of cartoonish dogs. She also wore some Nike sneakers, a hashtag symbol drawn across her legs, and a face mask with an "X" on it, similar to the dog muzzle.

Best 90’s Style: Storm Reid

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When it comes to style, Storm Reid never disappoints. For the Spiderman premiere she wore a zip-up mock neck magenta pink Prada top that could’ve very well have been worn by Gwen Paltrow during her pre-goop days. Wearing black cargo pants and white heels, Storm’s hair was really the focus of the fit, which was parted into two long pigtails that were tied with silver ties. I can’t wait to recreate this hairstyle (if only my hair would grow long already!!).

Green Goddess: Charli XCX

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I love green goddess dressing almost as much as I love this green-on-green fit by Charli XCX, which she donned for a World Pride event. Her ribbed mock-neck crop top was paired with a matching ribbed skirt, and both were topped off with little yellow beads hanging off the bottom, which resembled lemons. She wore simple, strappy nude heels, and green eyeshadow, which were a nice contrast to the color of her outfit, and the pink ombre tipped hair she is currently rocking. Overall, it was a zesty look.

Lizzo of The Future

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Lizzo, who just fronted her first major makeup campaign and played the flute like a literal boss at the BET Awards, performed at Glastonbury Festival this weekend wearing a futuristic, holographic bodysuit, with leaf-like sequins, and random lavender zippers. Lizzo can pull off anything and always radiates confidence from the inside out, which is why we love her style (and music!) so much. Do you think we’ll be wearing outfits like this one in 2121?

Pretty in Pink: Kaitlyn Devers

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Booksmart’s Kaitlyn Devers attended the Miu Miu show in Paris, wearing a gauzy, light pink babydoll dress with a bow at the waist, black heels, and a black crocodile clutch. While I loved her boy scout-inspired style in the movie, this is my favorite outfit of hers yet. The 22-year-old looks youthful but grown up at the same time, a contrast that’s honestly quite hard to achieve yet ideal when executed well.

Best Doily Dress: Beanie Feldstein

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Beanie looked cool and cute as a button at the Miu Miu show wearing a white collared, eyelet dress to the Miu Miu show in Paris. She took the fit up a notch by adding black fishnet tights, white Mary Jane heels, and naturally, a black leather Miu Miu purse. She topped off the look with a bow-style headband and hoop earrings. Later in the weekend, she shared a Tweet about pride, that had me crying, saying: “me strutting down 8th ave in chelsea while feeding my girlfriend whole wheat challah with my hands is quite literally my pride”.

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