Our favorite carpet cleaner, the Hoover SmartWash+, just hit its lowest price in years

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Eric Chiu/CNN
Eric Chiu/CNN

Our carpets are a little worse for the wear after a winter of grit, grime and slush, but we did our fair share of carpet-cleaner testing and Hoover’s SmartWash+ has come out on top when it comes to ease of use and cleaning power. Right now, the deal has just gotten a lot better: You can save $100 on it at Amazon, its lowest price in years.

Hoover SmartWash+
36% off


The Hoover SmartWash+ is built around simplicity, thanks to its automatic carpet spraying system. Get it today at its lowest price in years.

$180 at Amazon

This super-easy-to-use carpet cleaner does the job for you — all you have to do is push it around. It has auto-clean motion sensing technology that figures out exactly what to do for you, so there’s no need for buttons or triggers; it auto-mixes the cleaning solution so you have exactly the concentration your carpet needs, and it has an auto-dry function that helps wet carpets dry faster. Also included? Great “powerbrushes” that feature a pet tool and stair tool so you can get every job done efficiently. We especially loved the automatic carpet spraying, which helped take it straight to the top of our list of best picks.

Score the deal while it’s still a whopping $100 off at Amazon.

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