Forget the Tie, Dad Wants Travel!

Father’s Day fast approaches, and if you’re searching for a present, we at Yahoo Travel heartily endorse the gift of travel. Tools break, ties go out of fashion, but travel memories last forever (and won’t clutter up your closet). Based on the most-searched Father’s Day gift items on Yahoo, we’ve come up with an alternative list that incorporates a key travel element. See you on the road, dad!

Knob Creek (Photo: Getty Images) Woodford Reserve Distillery (Photo: Renzo Dionigi/Flickr)

1. Small Batch Bourbon vs Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail

It’s hard to go wrong with a gift of small batch bourbon. But for a real bonding experience with your father, how about a trip with him along Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail? Visit eight major distilleries (and many other smaller ones) across scenic bluegrass country from Louisville to Knoxville. Sit on the porch of of a local Bed & Breakfast in a rocking chair and sip some of your day’s purchases. Or if you’re strapped for time, check out the Urban Bourbon Trail weaving among Louisville bars and restaurants. Mmmm, bourbon.

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Beats Headphones (Photo: Getty Images) Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Photo: Alex Abboud/Flickr)

2. Beats Headphones vs. Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Dr. Dre doesn’t need another $3 billion. Instead of buying your dad some headphones to isolate him from the family, how about you invite him to join you on some musical travel? While you may not want to camp with pops at Bonaroo, you could try joining him on a music cruise with some classic bands, or check out the generation-spanning exhibits at Cleveland’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, where dad can explain to you what “LP records” were.

Golf Clubs (Photo: Thinkstock) St. Andrews, Scotland (Photo: Thinkstock)

3. Golf Accessories vs. Pilgrimage to St. Andrews, Scotland

Skip the fancy new driver and fuzzy club headcovers, and save up to give dad a trip to the Links at St. Andrews in Scotland, the birthplace of golf. Even if you don’t want to pay the greens fees to play the Old Course, you can still tour the grounds, pop by the British Golf museum, visit a few castles, or go down to the beach and drive some balls into the North Sea. Even if you can’t make it across the Atlantic with dad, traveling with dad to share a day at a local golf course is a lot more fun than a box of Titleists.

GoPro Video Camera (Photo: Getty) Mountain Biker (Photo: Chris Com/Flickr)

4. GoPro Video Camera vs. Using it on the Road

Sure, a GoPro is great, but it’s important to take it out on the road and share some experiences with dad. Check out this heartwarming video where a stoked 5-year-old wearing a helmet-cam narrates his father-son mountain bike ride. Navigating steep ramps and tight turns, the kid proudly shouts in his squeaky voice: “Dad, I’m doing it! I did it! I loved it!” Bring the camera (or even forget it) for some family time in a mountain bike park, and learn together when you sign up for a mountain biking camp with dad.

Power Planer (Photo:Thinkstock) Excavators (Photo: Thinkstock)

5. Power Tools vs. a Construction Dig

Power tools are a practical gift, but if you really want to have some construction fun with dad, join him in a visit to Dig This in Las Vegas, where you actually get to play with full-sized bulldozers and excavators. Compete with dad in contests to use the excavator to pile up monster truck tires, dig the biggest ditch, or use the bulldozer in a race to make the most massive mound of dirt. As dad hoots and hollers with glee, remind him how he told you to stop playing in the dirt when you were a kid.

Tie (Photo: Thinkstock) Naples (Photo: Thinkstock)

6. A Tie vs. a Tie in Naples, Italy

Ties have to be the all-time cliché gift for dad. If you want to go big, take a family trip to Naples, Italy to visit what may be the world’s most prestigious tie shop, Marinella’s.The third-generation family business celebrates their 100th anniversary this year, with customers who have included European royalty, Hollywood A-listers, and every U.S. President since Kennedy. And while you’re in Naples, you might as well have a full tailor-made adventure and get a whole set of clothes made by local artisans. (But dad, if you’re reading this, sorry, we’re not flying to Italy this Sunday. How ‘bout a ball game instead?)

Merkur Safety Razor (Photo: Randy Adamczk/Flickr) Massage (Photo: Thinkstock)

7. Merkur Safety Razor vs. a Spa Visit

Rather than gift dad some grooming products, how about a father-daughter trip to a destination spa? Tell him he can put the “man” back in “manicure” with a Gentleman’s Manicure treatment at the Bellagio spa in Las Vegas. Or perhaps treat him to the “Essential Him” facial treatment at the Sahra Spa at the Cosmopolitan. By the end of the visit, you’ll be bonding with dad by sharing moisturizer tips and cuticle-management advice. Well, maybe not, but at least you’ll have had a chance to relax together.