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'Fast-moving Huskies can't even make our rug slide!': Pet owners love these grippers — and they're 40% off

These gadgets have helped more than 16,000 satisfied shoppers keep their floor coverings in place for just $12.

Throw rugs, kitchen mats and area floor coverings do so much to make any room homey — but if they don't stay in place, they can be more annoying than helpful. They can slide, corners curl and edges can bunch, causing all sorts of mayhem. Throw some rambunctious pets into the mix, and you've got yourself a pile of rugs to straighten out and a headache to cure. Now you can call off the search for a solution: Gorilla Grip Rug Gripper Pads. Amazon shoppers love them for keeping rugs in place and they're just $12 for an 8-pack, down from $20 — that's 40% off! And while you're at it, check out Amazon's massive rug sale to save up to 80% on popular floor coverings.

No bunching, curling or slipping with these grippers!

$11 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

No one wants to scratch their hardwood floors — a rug can keep them pristine as long as it stays in place. At just $12, Gorilla Grip Rug Gripper Pads are a lot cheaper than re-doing your floors. These doodads go on sale occasionally, but we don't expect the price to drop any further until summer.

Why do I need this?

Tripping over the curled corner of a rug is never fun and having an edge of the floor covering come up is unsightly. Gorilla Grip Rug Gripper Pads can solve both problems. They're sticky strips that you apply to the underside of your rug which adhere to the floor under the rug to keep it in place. They work to keep your floor coverings from sliding on tile, laminate and hardwood floors — if you've ever had to rearrange your rugs after a couple of dogs ran through the room, this is the headache medicine you've been looking for.

In addition to protecting your floors (and your family), Gorilla Grip Rug Gripper Pads are easy to install and removing them is hassle-free — a brilliant solution whether you like to change out your rugs, wash them or if you have a move planned.

These grippers have helped more than 16,000 satisfied shoppers keep their rugs in place. (Getty/Amazon)
These grippers have helped more than 16,000 satisfied shoppers keep their rugs in place. (Getty/Amazon)

What reviewers say

More than 16,000 shoppers are already using these grippers to stop their rugs from slip-sliding away.

"Last for years," wrote a five-star fan. "These work great in high-traffic areas. Our rugs didn’t move once in 2 years. When I pulled these up and changed them out this year they did not damage our floors at all. I would highly recommend using these for any rugs."

"Two very fast-moving Huskies can't even make our rug slide!" a happy dog owner shared. "I didn't have high hopes when I bought these but they are holding strong after about 6 months. The dogs hit the rug at 77mph for the 1,000,000th time with no movement."

"Finally! Works to keep rugs in place!" a rave reviewer wrote. "I was losing my mind because they would not stay in place on the floor and certainly not with dogs running around on them. I bought a rug pad and it failed miserably. I also tried the mesh grippers, and they also failed. Finally, these gorilla grippers were successful! Hooray!"

"The rugs no longer move!" gushed a fan. "My cats love to use the rugs as a launch zone to start running around the house. Since adding these rug pads, I have not had to fix any of the rugs in the house. These are also great for larger rugs when moving furniture, or vacuuming. The rugs do not move. Wonderful product."

"I am getting ready to move and was really worried about getting them off of my hardwood floors without damage... they are off with no damage!" shared a happy shopper who used these in a high-traffic area. "I had to pry up a corner to grip it, then they came right up. Only the corner I pried left a little sticky residue that came right off rubbing it with my finger."

Let the dogs and cats run wild — these babies will keep rugs from sliding out from under their paws!

$11 at Amazon

Looking for a new rug to protect your floors or dress up a room? This one is washable and it's on sale.

Soft and durable, when this rug gets a little too dirty, just toss it in the washing machine. Choose from 12 colors in 20 shapes and sizes.

$22 at Amazon

"This exceeded expectations in every way," wrote one of 4,000 five-star fans. "This area rug is fantastic. It's beautiful, super soft, and easy to clean. I was worried about how it stands up to stains and has done incredibly for weeks without issue. It looks so nice I would put it anywhere in our home and it would be great. You could use it for an entryway, in the kitchen, or in a living room area."

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