Fast food employee lists the 'worst types of people' at the drive-thru: 'They just scream'

A drive-thru employee is letting customers know exactly what not to do in a hilarious skit.

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TikToker @plz_stfu0 currently works as a drive-thru cashier in the food industry. Using her insider knowledge, she created a fun video with all the “worst types” of customers that frequent her place of work. Sadly, there’s no shortage of thoughtlessness when it comes to customer service gigs, but at least we can all laugh about it.

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“Worst types of people in the drive thru; i also didnt want to put my place of employement but you can assume where,” she wrote in the caption.

Yellers, those who refused to stop talking on the phone and people with no manners were obviously upsetting. Customers ordering from the passenger side of the car, and those who requested advice, only to disregard it, were certainly a special kind of people. But patrons with a tendency to gaslight by insisting they ordered something they didn’t seem to be particularly aggravating.

People in the comment section had a few archetypes they weren’t fond of, either.

“Or whenever they just pull up and your doing something and they just scream hello hello until you answer,” someone wrote.

“You forgot the ones who make their kids order themselves from the backseat,” another replied.

“When you say give me one moment and then they start yelling their order at you,” a TikToker said.

“The worst one is when they pull up to the speaker AND JUST THEN decide to call someone and ask them what they want like you couldve been done that,” a user added.

“I’ve had a customer come through the drive-thru and flip me off on the box camera and then yelled at me when I asked them to stop,” a person commented.

Watch this Brooklyn bedroom go from drab to fabulous in one day:

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