These Farmhouse Paint Colors Will Never Go Out of Style

There's a reason farmhouse style has managed to garner such a loyal following over the years. Though the aesthetic is undeniably in vogue, the classic elements that define it transcend the trends. Breezy neutrals, natural textures, and the perfect amount of patina are a no-fail combination for comfort. When it comes to farmhouse paint colors, your first thought may go right to white. For good reason! As it turns out, white has been the go-to for practical, economical, and even safety reasons. But for more modern applications, farmhouse paint colors can run the spectrum. Think: everything from moody, matte black to creamy, buttery off-whites. Whether you want something crisp and cool or bold and edgy, there's a hue for you. We've corralled some grade-A examples of farmhouse interiors and exteriors that are coated in the best barn-worthy shades. Get inspired with these classic, practical, and down-to-earth farmhouse paint colors.