Farm Animals React with Wonder and Calmness Upon Hearing Relaxing Music

It's not everyday that you can get a bunch of goats to stop in their tracks. But that's exactly what happened to one woman in Nova Scotia, Canada, who decided to play some classical music for her barn animals. The animals had the craziest reaction — and luckily she got it all on camera.

We're sure that Shelley had no idea that her barn animals were going to stop and listen the way that they did.

The goats and sheep were standing all over Shelley's barn when she hit play. But none of them, not a single one, moved as the music played.

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"She's listening to the music," Shelley said from behind the camera, referring to one sheep named Lovely in particular. You could tell that Lovely was paying attention by the way that her heard moved side to side. It's like she was really considering what she was hearing. All of the animals in that room were so calm.

The comments section was touched. "Oh the head tilts. I could cry. Animals are so beautiful," wrote one woman. "Who would’ve known watching a sheep, listening to music, is so therapeutic?" someone else added. "She’s truly listening. I love her," a third person wrote.

Do Animals Enjoy Music?

We know that Lovely is a music lover, but what about other animals? Well that depends. Research hasn't conclusively proven that all animals like music, but there is a lot to suggest that some animals do respond to music the way that humans do. That's why you might notice your pet bird bopping along to Rihanna, or your dog may howl along to Hozier.

But that's certainly not the case for most animals. The truth is that certain species like certain kinds of music. Humans like music that falls within a certain acoustic and vocal range, uses tones we understand, and progresses at a tempo similar to our heartbeats. Makes total sense right?

So it goes to follow that most animals don't really have that same sensibility when it comes to tunes. In fact, most of our music seems pretty incomprehensible to animals. Their vocal ranges and heart rates vary greatly from ours. For the most part, they simply aren't wired to like the music that we like. It's sort of like they aren't really interested in the music we listen to — it doesn't really mean much to them.

That might be sort of a bummer, but it should help clarify why your rabbit isn't into Coldplay.

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