This Is By Far the Most Popular Organizing Trend, According to TikTok Searches

<p>​The Spruce / Michelle Becker</p>

​The Spruce / Michelle Becker

If there’s something TikTok loves (besides hauls and dances), it’s cleaning and organizing. There is even a side of TikTok dedicated to cleaning hacks and organizational tips (CleanTok, of course)—and with this comes endless ways to organize your home.

We recently checked out some data from Upmove, a moving company, that analyzed the top TikTok search results for various cleaning methods and organized them by popularity. The winner was of no surprise to us—it's one we love and have used at The Spruce for years.

If you want to learn how to organize your space in a CleanTok-approved fashion, look no further—here are the most popular organizational methods on TikTok right now.

The Winner: KonMari Method

<p>​The Spruce / Michelle Becker</p>

​The Spruce / Michelle Becker

The KonMari method—started by the infamous organizer herself, Marie Kondo—ranked number one for the most-searched TikTok organizational methods. The method is highly detailed with its own book as well as a TV show.

With the use of her many organizational guides, it’s no surprise that KonMari is still ranking at the top for popular organizing methods (especially on TikTok).

The gist of the KonMari method is to organize your home by category instead of location. This allows you to complete a deep clean within each of these categories before moving forward—and of course, each item should "spark joy," otherwise it's grounds for decluttering.

Here's how to utilize this method at home:

  • The first category is clothing, followed by books, papers, miscellaneous items, and sentimental items.

  • Kondo is most famous for creating the question, “Does it spark joy?” When you hold an item in your hands, it should spark joy within you. If it doesn’t, Kondo recommends thanking the item for its use before throwing it away or donating it.

  • When finished, your home will be organized and filled only with things important to you.

The One-Hour Cleaning Method

<p>The Spruce / Jacob Fox</p>

The Spruce / Jacob Fox

This cleaning method is almost the opposite of the KonMari method, which is to diligently organize a space all at once.

For those with limited amounts of time, however (or a serious aversion to cleaning), the one-hour method ranked the second most popular on TikTok’s list; it's a more realistic way to fit in time to clean your home.

Here's how you use this method at home:

  • The task is simple: clean and organize your space for one hour a day, no more.

  • It won’t take too long to get your space clean, and you won’t suffer from cleaning burnout.

  • This can help those who tire quickly from cleaning from skipping steps or leaving organizational tasks until later.

  • The one-hour cleaning method continues each day until your space is completely organized.

The "Core 4" Method

<p>The Spruce</p>

The Spruce

The “Core 4” method might appeal to fans of the KonMari method because it, too, splits cleaning into organized tasks.

  • Step one is to clear out: remove everything from the room you’re cleaning so you’re able to start with a blank slate (and wipe things down without clutter).

  • Step two is to categorize: go through everything and organize it into groups.

  • Step three is cut out: look at the things you’ve organized and determine what you want to keep, and what you want to get rid of.

  • The last step is to contain: taking everything you’ve decided to keep and organizing it into containers and spaces in your space.

The 30-Day Minimalism Challenge

<p>The Spruce / Jason Donnelly</p>

The Spruce / Jason Donnelly

The 30-day minimalism challenge involves thirty days of decluttering to help your home become more minimalist. The idea is that you find just one thing to get rid of on day one and increase the number of items you get rid of by one each day, until day 30, when you get rid of 30 items.

This is a difficult method to complete, thus its popularity on TikTok—users there showcase their thirty-day journey to a more minimalist lifestyle, going over the challenges that come with finding so many items to give away each day.

The Move-Out Method

<p>The Spruce / Jason Donnelly</p>

The Spruce / Jason Donnelly

The move-out method is a method that will guarantee a top-to-bottom clean in your space. This method forces you to think about what you need to keep with you. It also ensures you’ll be organizing every part of your space (and that you’ll have a date for when cleaning will finally be over).

  • With this method, you act as if you’re moving out (even to the point of setting a move-out date, which is the day you want your space to be clean by).

  • Then, you clear absolutely everything out of your home and sort it as if you’re getting ready to box it up.

  • As you remove items, ask yourself if you want to "bring" the item with you into your "new" home, whether it’s worth keeping, or if it’s time to give it away.

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