What is your fantasy resolution? | FFSK

New year, new fantasy season, but what will you do differently? Matt Harmon judges what changes you plan on making to your 2021 lineup.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: I don't even know how to say this Twitter handle. I don't even know how I'm gonna do the rest of the video now. That's the whole episode.


Week 17 edition of the Fantasy Football Survival Kit. And even though fantasy season is pretty much over-- and I mean it, you better not be sitting here prepping for your fantasy championship in week 17. Thank God we're finally turning the calendar away from 2020. On to 2021. We're gonna make some New Year's resolutions about things that we promise to do going forward in fantasy or to never do again.

So we asked you all, the people, my people, what's your resolution heading into 2021 for fantasy football? You have some great responses. Let's get right into it. This first one comes from @2plus3equals5. That is the correct math.

They want to eliminate the single tight end spot and instead make it a flex spot. You should stick to math because this is a terrible resolution. What is it with you people? The younger generation, the kids out there like, oh, life is so hard. And when it's hard, we just give up and complain about the bad things that have happened to us.

Was playing a tight end this year bad in fantasy? Absolutely. But does that mean we just give up? Do we just resign ourselves to, huh, tight end is unpredictable, so you know what we'll do? We'll just get rid of it entirely.

Give me a break, you babies. No, next year, you're gonna do exactly what you did this year. You're gonna try to find some sleeper tight ends, you're gonna try to get it right, and if you fail, so what? You get up and you try and you try and you try again. Next. I'm screaming so much in this video.

This next one comes in from IShouldMuteMyself. They're never going to get married to a draft pick again, Christian McCaffrey. Sometimes, you got to diversify, OK? You can't just target one player over and over and over and over again. Because, look, if they get hurt like McCaffrey did this year, you're probably gonna have a bad time. So I support that.

The second one, though, a little more interesting. Devote less time to fantasy football because you can get absolutely smoked by someone who doesn't even know what they're doing. So if that's causing you stress, if that's causing you anxiety, if you're only focusing on fantasy football and that's your only place of happiness, I support your resolution being I'm just gonna do it a little bit less and give myself some inner peace. Inner peace in 2021, that's what it's all about. And next.

This next one comes in from @MarvelousJP. They are never, ever drafting a Kansas City running back in the first round, especially when Mahomes is the quarterback. No, stop it. Bad resolution. About the worst thing you can do in fantasy-- and let me tell you what, there are so many bad things you can do in fantasy football. One of the worst things you can do is to be a I'm not drafting X position from X team ever. That is stupid.

It didn't work out this year for the most part, but no one knew going into the year that Le'Veon Bell was gonna get signed by the Chiefs. And, by and large, Clyde Edwards-Helaire was playing great. Remember, his last game before Le'Veon Bell, he was running all the way through the Buffalo Bills defense. And, yeah, do you want--

This is such a terrible idea because the reality is you want a running back that's attached to a good offense. There's no better [BLEEP] offense than the Kansas City Chiefs offense. You're gonna tell me you're gonna swear off an entire position because they're tethered to Patrick Mahomes, the greatest football player on the planet? No, we're not having this to be a resolution. We're gonna be better than that in 2021. Next.

This next one comes in from Tommy_D. They're gonna make a list of all who wronged them and to never draft them again. Tear up the damn paper. You're not making a list, Tommy. One of the other worst things you can do is get all up in your feelings about, oh no, this player burned me.

You know how stupid you'd have to be to just swear off the rest of their career? A career is a long time. That means you're gonna miss out on value the next year. You're gonna miss out on all the good things to come in following seasons.

Now this pattern doesn't always work out. Sometimes, your burnt takes are correct, and you should swear off a player if they're at the end of their career or their situation is never gonna get better. But what if the situation changes? You always have to leave room for a little bit of optimism and get out of your own goddamn feelings. Next.

This next one comes in from @Bowell_Knows. I assume that this AJ Dillon GIF means that you are all in on AJ Dillon next year because of what you just saw in week 16. That guy pounded the Tennessee Titans into the snow. I can support that. You know what, buddy? You go out there you get him next year. You believe in yourself. You have that type of confidence. Go find your favorite sleeper here late in the season and be like, you know what, I'm penciling him into all of my draft boards next year. We love to see it. No, next.

This last one comes in from raphaelparent. Their resolution is to use logic, not emotions when making decisions next year. Yes, be logical. If you're gonna do something, have a good reason for doing it. And own that personal responsibility too. Trust your own logic. And when it fails you, refine your process. Take in better information.

Sometimes, it's process over results. Sometimes, the results aren't there. Other times, they are. But what matters is that you had a good, logical process to get to that decision. And more often than not, when you use good logic and you use good process, you're gonna be raking in the fantasy Ws, folks.

That is gonna do it for the week 17 and the New Year's edition of Fantasy Football Survival Kit as we prepare to finally bid 2020 adieu and welcome in 2021. I hope you all have a happy new year, and I hope 2021 kicks [BLEEP] for each and every one of you and we can all finally get out of our houses.