Fantasy Freebies Week 16 - Marquise Brown

Matt Harmon explains why the Ravens WR deserves a spot in your starting lineup.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: I like it. I think people-- if they need a desperation play at running back, that is a good dart to throw. I dig it. Now, I'm going to go with mine here. And I'll be honest to start with. This player is about 33% started, so I cheated a little bit.

But I'm assuming that there's a huge percentage of people that are still starting Marquise Brown that are-- A, either they haven't checked their lineup in months or they're doing it because they're hate-starting.


But I'm going to give you just some-- some-- a little optimism here. Look, over the last three games, Lamar Jackson is back to MVP form with a 120.6 pass rating, a 10.6 touchdown rate. And that's just what he's doing through the air. And I think that's going to be enough to elevate Marquise Brown because that's basically already been happening.

I know it has been a hugely disappointing season. And there has been some ultra-frustrating moments from Marquise Brown if you're actually watching him play. But nevertheless, he still has 90 yards and/or a touchdown in his-- in three of his last four games. The production has been there even if it hasn't always been pretty.

And against a Giants team that-- look, I know they're going to get James Bradberry back, but we still saw them last Sunday struggle with the passing game a ton-- and especially the vertical game. I think there's some hope here for Marquise Brown to finish strong despite having a challenging season here.