Fantasy Freebies Week 16 - Jalen Hurts

Tank Williams explains why the Eagles QB deserves a spot in your starting lineup.

Video Transcript

TANK WILLIAMS: Yeah, I can't believe this guy's an under the radar surprise, like Jalen Hurts. The dude has been a top 10 quarterback the past three weeks, and one of those games, when he came in late against Green Bay. So this dude is amazing. He has a high floor because of his legs, he has an even higher floor and ceiling because he's going against who? The Dallas Cowboys, who we're just not talking about.

So I recommend Jalen Hurts over DangeRuss and over Big Ben last week, and I actually benched him this week. I'm benching Josh Allen and DangeRuss to play Jalen Hurts over the Cowboys, so that's how much confidence I have in this dude, and I have even more confidence that he's going to deliver.