Fantasy Football Podcast - What are prop bets?

Yahoo Sports' Liz Loza and Minty Bets explain prop betting, including the difference between individual and team props.

Video Transcript

LIZ LOZA: We talk about over unders. And we can do that in terms of total points between two different teams who are playing or individual players. The individual players also have things called prop bets. Like an over-under bet, like I made-- the example I made about N'Keal Harry, is also a prop bet. Can you explain them first for players, and then for teams?

MINTY BETS: Absolutely. So like you said, there's two different prop bets, one for players, which is typically a daily-- or a like a weekly thing, and one for teams, which is probably a seasonal thing. Anyways, so a prop bet for a player would be, like I used earlier, Patrick Mahomes. His prop bets on game day would probably be an over-under 243 and 1/2 passing yards. Or will he have at least one touchdown pass, yes or no?

So if you're high on certain players rather than certain teams, you're most likely-- this is great for fantasy players, because you know players really, really well. And this would be a great thing to bet on, is player props, if like is Russell Wilson going to have a certain amount of passing yards, over-under. Or is Alvin Kamara going to have over 43 and 1/2 rushing yards this game? Player props are a really good prop that if you're high on certain players and not as confident about the team.

And so let's use a team or a season prop bet. A good one that caught my eye is are the Chiefs going to go 16 and 0 this season? I think they have a really great chance at doing that. And the odds are 40 to 1. So I actually really like that. I can't really see them losing to anyone except the Ravens or maybe the Saints this season.

So I think they have a good chance. I mean, if you sprinkle like $100, wait a couple months, you might get $4,000 back for this prop bet.