Fantasy Faceoff Week 6 - Mark Ingram vs. Adrian Peterson

FFL Flash Alert - Mark Ingram or Adrian Peterson: which RB is the better play in Week 6?

Video Transcript

- You got running backs here and oh boy, what an exciting debate between Mark Ingram and Adrian Peterson.

- That's the dusty.

- I'll get a-- Yeah. Yeah, awesome. I'll get it started here with Mark Ingram. Look, the Ravens committee is completely unpredictable. There's been no rhyme or reason to this backfield split. I know I'm selling this really hard right now.

- Right?

- But let's look on the other side of it with Adrian Peterson. Well, I just saw a tweet from Tom Pelissero not long ago. This guy is getting blood work this week. They thought he had an appendix issue. Yikes, what's all that about. At least Mark Ingram's got a functioning appendix.

And I do expect the Ravens to be able to control the action of this game and maybe they get back to their rushing route in this spot. But Hank, tell me why I'm wrong and Adrian Peterson is the play here.

- Bruh, even with an appendix injury, I would still take Adrian Peterson over Mark Ingram because the simple fact, like Adrian Peterson last time he touched the field for Detroit at least he got 22 carries. The lead dog for Baltimore is Lamar Jackson. And we don't even know if Ingram is second after that because you have to deal with Gus Edwards and JK Dobbins.

The Jags have given up the eighth most points to fancy running backs. And we don't even know if Ingram's going to pinch the field. So that boy Old Man River going to get off today. Well, at least more than Mark Ingram would.

- All right. Look, you don't want to start either of these dusty running backs anyway. So let's move it on. Let's find out about some actual good plays here in the [? flack. ?]