Fantasy Faceoff Week 5 - Justin Herbert vs. Joe Burrow

FFL Flash Alert - Justin Herbert or Joe Burrow: which rookie QB should you consider in Week 5?

Video Transcript

LIZ LOZA: Time now for our first fantasy face-off of the show. Tank and I are debating similarly ranked players for week 5. Let's start with some rookie quarterbacks.

First, overall pick Joe Burrow and the Chargers' new officially official starter permanently, Justin Herbert. Tank, what do you got on Burrow?

TANK WILLIAMS: I mean, when the Baltimore defense gives up the ninth most points to fantasy quarterbacks-- and I know you're thinking, like, oh, they just play Patrick Mahomes-- but they just gave up 300-plus yards to Dwayne Haskins. So he just got benched by-- for Kyle Allen, like the Nathan Peterman of-- Nathan Peterman's throwing picks like Halloween candy last year. So I would rather go with Burrow, who's been a pretty efficient quarterback--


--and garbage yards equals garbage points in fantasy. So he's gonna be the Oscar the Grouch of fantasy quarterbacks today.

LIZ LOZA: I will never, ever tell you that your analysis is not very good, but Justin Herbert is also shockingly good. I mean, we see you 290 yards and three tugs to who? I don't even know, really.

Last week-- when I look at these two and I see Herbert ascending and I see the match-ups-- man, you know, the Baltimore Ravens defense is getting healthier and healthier. That secondary is not as banged up as it was a little bit ago.

Meanwhile, the Saints defense gonna be-- you've got both Lattimore and Jenkins less than 100%, Jenkins definitely out. So when I look at the match-up, and I think about maybe Mike Williams being back for Herbert, I got to lean in his direction.