Fantasy Faceoff Week 5 - James Conner vs. Kenyan Drake

FFL Flash Alert - James Conner or Kenyan Drake: which RB2 should you prefer in Week 5?

Video Transcript

- Let's move over to running backs. It's James Conner and Kenyan Drake.

I'm gonna go first this time, and I'm gonna start by saying, I think we can hate the Drake. No touchdowns since week 1, 35 yards against Carolina. James Conner had an unexpected bye last week, but in weeks 2 and weeks 3, the two weeks that he played a full game, he rolled up over 120 total yards. I don't think you can sit him.

And I know that the Eagles defense is supposed to be a strong suit, but when your offense is keeping you on the field so much, they are completely gassed. They're giving up 80 yards a week, plus a touchdown, on average, every week to the position.

- Well, [? Lizzie, ?] they say a broken clock's gotta be right twice a day, right? So I feel like, one of these days, Drake is gonna come through, because this dude keeps getting magically delicious matchups, and all he does is just keep dropping bombs on us, bombs on our fantasy lineups. So I hope, going against his Jets defense that's given up the eighth most points to fantasy running backs, that Drake can finally come through. But I doubt it.