Fantasy Baseball Podcast - Breakout Players we missed in 2020

Yahoo Sports' Scott Pianowski discusses a few players he missed out on this season, including a pitcher who currently leads the league in strikeouts. Subscribe to the Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Video Transcript

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: We have a thing on Yahoo, a tool called MVPs, which is how often a player in the Yahoo fantasy game shows up on one of the best 500 Yahoo public teams. And I just thought Bieber or Tatís, it's gonna be one of those two guys at the top. And it's Bieber is first, Tatís is second, Sonny Gray is third, Dylan Bundy is fourth, Lance Lynn is fifth. So four pitchers and Tatís.

And one thing that these guys have in common, not only have none of them ever been in my kitchen, I don't think I have any of these guys rostered. Now Bundy was somebody I was into. For some reason, I didn't fall into Bundy.

I would have drafted Tatís. The first round has so many good players. If I drafted Christian Yelich instead of Tatís, how wrong could I really be? I mean, Tatís is having a great season. Yelich isn't.

I'm not gonna regret drafting Ronald Acuña when I drafted him. He got hurt. That happens. I'm sure I had chances for Bieber. I'm sure I had chances for Sonny Gray.

And Lance Lynn is a guy-- I was a big fan of him with the Cardinals. He went bad in Minnesota. He was at a certain stage of his career. He had a certain body type. I just was afraid to believe in Lance Lynn. And all last year, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, telling people they should trade Lance Lynn.

I didn't believe it. It's Arlington, the ball's gonna fly out of there. Of course, that's out the window now with the new park. But last year, I was calling for Lance Lynn to fall apart. It never happened.

I got him right for a long time. He went bad. My cheese theory, that worked against me. And now I have no Lance Lynn. It's really sad.

I have no Bieber. It's not that Bieber goes out and strikes out guys. He might strike out 13 guys. I mean, he's dominating every night.

I feel like every baseball highlight package has Tatís in it doing something incredible. I still can't believe that middle-in slider that he hit out to right field in San Francisco. I know the park's different this year. But still, how many guys can do that?