Fans Are So Worried About Kate Moss After Her ‘Bizarre’ Speech: ‘Clearly On Drugs’

Kate Moss gave a speech at the Wall Street Journal Magazine Innovator Awards last week, and fans are still talking about her “bizarre” slurring of words and “strange” mannerisms. The legendary supermodel, 48, spoke at the event while presenting her friend, Anthony Vaccarello (the Yves Saint Laurent creative/ image director) with the iconic ‘2022 Fashion Innovator’ award.



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Fans React To Kate Moss’ ‘Strange’ Speech & Behavior

For the event, Moss donned a full, head-to-toe Saint Laurent look composed of a hooded, sheer, chartreuse dress with an ab-baring cut-out and elegant, draping fabric. Although Moss stunned with her ensemble and makeup look as usual, her way of speaking at the ceremony sparked concern with fans online, as Moss apparently appeared “jittery,” “erratic,” and seemed to hang onto the podium for support as she spoke. “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,” Moss began, while looking at her phone. “Anthony and I have worked together for — years,” she continued, pausing often throughout the brief speech.



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“Since he started at Saint Laurent, I could recognize his instinct for fashion. And — I wanted to be part of that,” she went on, “I’m honored to be part of his Saint Laurent family and to be his friend.” Moss then, as Page Six writes, “stumbled over the name” of the evening’s most prestigious honor as she concluded her speech, “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m honored to present Anthony Vaccarello with the — Innovator of the h–award.”

It didn’t take long for Moss’ fans to express their “worries” and “concerns” for her health after the speech, with one user even alleging, “She’s clearly on drugs.” Another Twitter user replied, “I think so too but I don’t want to make any assumptions or accusations.” Someone else wrote, “I feel her heart beating through her chest from here,” as another commenter added that despite her past, it can’t be automatically assumed that Moss’ present centers around drug use, “tbh considering all the drinking drugs and nicotine kate moss consumed during her youth she actually looks very good.”

Moss, as many might recall, was dubbed “Cocaine Kate” after images of her snorting cocaine were shown on pages of British tabloids in 2005. The model was also nicknamed “The Tank” by the press in the early 2000s for the alleged amount of vodka she could consume. However, many insiders continue to report that Moss has been completely “clean and sober” for the past four years. Other fans who don’t believe in current drug use rumors continue to maintain, tweet and post elsewhere that Moss may have just been “nervous” or “overwhelmed” when presenting the big honor to her friend.