Fans On Twitter Debate Whether Sophie Turner Got Buccal Fat Removal Surgery

It’s no secret that Sophie Turner is a natural stunner and has long wowed fans with her beautiful bone structure. In the past month, many fans on Twitter have been analyzing older photos from her earlier career days and comparing them to more recent shots.

Some users, it seems, think that the 27-year-old Game of Thrones alum may have undergone the trendy buccal fat removal surgery to make her cheekbones more prominent over the years. Others, however, stress that she has always simply been blessed with her beautiful looks and uses strategic makeup to enhance them, not surgery.

On May 18, 2o23, one Twitter user uploaded a photo of Turner and her husband Joe Jonas on the 2022 Met Gala red carpet, and pointed out how distinguished and noticeable her cheekbones were, suggesting she underwent surgery to make them look that way.


Fans On Twitter Divided Over Whether Sophie Turner Got Plastic Surgery

The user captioned the post, “Yes Sophie Turner has hit the wall. Accelerated by plastic surgery and pregnancy. Unrecognizable now.” Another chimed in, writing, “She definitely had the buccal fat removal,” as someone else commented, “her cheek volume is gone.”

One other wrote, “she’s always had prominent cheekbones but her recent red carpet look is quite concerning to say, at least but it might be her going through a weight loss.”

Many other fans entered the debate and disagreed with the idea of Turner going under the knife, as one wrote, “she looks fine lol, it’s makeup,” and another concurred: “honestly I don’t even think Sophie Turner got buccal fat removal, she’s always had insane cheekbones.”


The user then uploaded a side-by-side comparison of Turner from her early GOT days to a more recent shot. They added, “It just looks to me like she aged and lost the baby fat.”

Another agreed, and added more recent snaps of the mom of two to prove their point: “I think it’s just lighting + makeup, this is what she looks like recently.” Someone else then changed their initial stance, and acknowledged, “oh, it does depend on the makeup.”