Fans think The Weeknd's new song lyrics prove he's dating Angelina Jolie

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

We all know that nothing in Hollywood stays secret for long – especially when it comes to celebrity relationships. Yep, try as they might, A-Listers hoping to keep their romances on the down-low just can't seem to stop themselves from letting their feelings slip. Just take Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson for example, those sneaky dinner dates and SNL snogs progressed pretty quickly, eh?

Adding their own names to the list of 'celebrity relationships that tried and failed to stay secret' are The Weeknd and Angelina Jolie who, like Kete, have been spotted hanging out a fair bit as of late. But, while the pair have kept relatively tight lipped about their romance up until now, fans have spotted some pretty convincing evidence that they're very much an item – and it's come straight from The Weeknd himself.

ICYMI, the 31-year-old musician (whose real name is Abel) recently released his new album Dawn FM which features a track called "Here We Go... Again". It's this song that has got fans talking about his rumoured romance with Angelina, thanks to the lyrics: "And my new girl, she a movie star/My new girl, she a movie star."

Subtle? We think not.

"'Cause baby girl, she a movie star/Baby girl, she a movie star," The Weeknd sings, "I told myself that I'd never fall/But here we go again."

Understandably, it didn't take fans long to put two and two together, and they took to social media to share their thoughts on who the lyrics relate to. "'My new girl, she a movie star', Me: Ang—Angelina Jolie? #DawnFM" wrote one fan on Twitter, with someone else adding: "So the movie star is Angelina Jolie in 'Here We Go... Again', right?"

We're calling it. The Ang is officially official.

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