Fans Think Kate Moss Got An 'Under The Radar' Facelift

As one of the most instantly recognizable and timelessly beautiful supermodels, it’s no secret that Kate Moss has sculpted, stunning facial features. On Instagram this week, some fans have been analyzing photos of Moss from her 2022 Charlotte Tilbury photoshoot (which many are saying is airbrushed and photoshopped) and other more “natural-looking” pics, and debating whether or not the 90s runway icon got a subtle facelift in recent years.

This all began in the comment section of a new post under the popular Instagram account @celebface (where fans often compare photos of celebrities that might have gone under the knife). On April 30th, the creator added two snaps of the 49-year-old British model and fans began sharing their thoughts.


Did Kate Moss Get A Subtle Facelift? Some Fans On IG Think So

The first photo in the carousel post showed Moss modeling Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Beautiful Skin’ foundation from a January 2022 shoot with the makeup brand. While the pic did show some natural fine lines and “real-looking” elements of Moss’ skin texture, some fans thought it looked very “retouched,” especially when compared with another photo of her.

The second image in the slideshow seemed to show Moss in different lighting, and possibly with flash photography. While her clear skin still had a radiant glow, fans thought it looked more “real” as opposed to the first, and showed more natural signs of aging that her devotees appreciated seeing.


“Kate Moss’s facelift totally went under the radar. It looks so natural now that the brows have settled,” one fan wrote as another added, “right! I can see that she had a facelift, our eyes don’t turn more upward as we age. She looks great.”



Someone else chimed in, “Not Charlotte Tilbury using Kate Moss in her newest ad with HEAVY on the filter and airbrushing,” as another replied, “I’m so tired of feeling bad that my skin isn’t perfect, these photos help.” While Moss has yet to confirm or deny the facelift rumors, she opened up with Elle UK about her skincare routine in 2020, and shared habits she’s trying to overcome.


Kate Moss Opens Up About Her Skincare Routine

When sitting down with the outlet, Moss revealed that she always puts a jade roller in her purse for on-the-go use. The beauty tool is often acclaimed by TikTokers and used for anti-aging purposes. “I love it for under my eyes; it irons them out a bit,” Moss explained. She added, “I keep one in my bag—when I’m bored, I just start rolling.”




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Moss, who has identified herself as a massage and facial enthusiast, also detailed getting another popular beauty treatment— a Brazilian lymphatic drainage massage. “It was insane. I don’t know what she did, but I came out feeling half the size,” Moss said of her masseuse.


One other takeaway from Moss’ interview is that she admitted to forgetting to take her makeup off before bed, and stressed that it is her worst beauty habit: “I hate how it feels in the morning.”

Overall, whether Moss got a delicate and not-too-noticeable facelift or her gorgeous look is made possible with simply massaging and jade rolling, many might find her tips to be useful when it comes to skincare!