Fans Think Jessica Simpson 'Looks Unwell' In New Instagram Picture

Jessica Simpson in NYC 2020
Jessica Simpson in NYC 2020

This article has been updated since its original publish date to include new information 

Singer, designer, and mom-of-three Jessica Simpson once again sparked concern with her appearance in an Instagram post, as her fans said she looked “unrecognizable” and “unwell,” among other things in a May 6th picture from daughter Maxwell’s 11th birthday.

The 42-year-old fashion and decor designer has been posting on Instagram quite a lot since her widely-reported weight loss, going from outweighing her NFL star husband Eric Johnson to becoming even more svelte than ever. And more often than not, her fans vocalize their concern for her constantly shrinking frame.

The Open Book author posted a picture of herself, her husband, and their three children on daughter Maxwell’s birthday, and although four-year-old daughter Birdie was pulling focus with her less-than-impressed facial expression (so cute, hilarious and relatable all at the same time!) fans couldn’t help but focus their attention on Jessica’s appearance in the comments section.

Fans Are Concerned About Jessica Simpson’s Appearance

Among the many positive comments about the super real and relatable picture, and how beautiful her family is, were more negative and concerned comments about Jessica’s appearance. One fan thought the picture was “so airbrushed,” while another said “Jessica looks so unwell.” “She needs to stop getting stuff done to her face,” one fan commented, to which one replied, “Came here to say this. She is too beautiful for that mess.”

“Omg Jessica’s face looks so gaunt, she looks so bad it’s sad,” wrote another, followed by a shocked face emoji and a crying emoji. “I agree, she used to be so beautiful,” said another, while someone else simply noted, “She is unwell.” “Jessica looks like death,” wrote another, while many others thought she looked unrecognizable. “You don’t even look like Jessica,” claimed another fan.

Fans Say Jessica Is ‘Unrecognizable’ In Glamorous Picture

Last month, Jessica posted a stunning selfie to her Instagram page, which showed her dolled-up and glammed-out to the max in makeup by Joyce Bonelli. However, it didn’t get the supportive feedback perhaps she was hoping for, as one fan asked, “What happened to her?” while another exclaimed, “Doesn’t even look like her!” “What who is this?” enquired another fan, seemingly in disbelief that the woman in the picture was the Jessica Simpson Collection designer, while another asked, “Oh my goodness what has she done to her face?”

Jessica’s weight has been an unfair focus of much of her career, from those drooling over her physique in The Dukes of Hazzard to critiques about her weight gain after pregnancy, particularly her third with daughter Birdie Mae, born in March 2019. She shared in September of that year that, after tipping the scales at 240 lbs. post-pregnancy, she decided to get fit again, eventually losing 100 pounds. However, some fans are concerned that Jessica has continued with her weight loss routine past the point of health, with recent comments on her social media posts focusing on her thin frame. “This is concerning,” said one commenter in an older Instagram post, while someone else begged her to “please start eating.”

Friends And Family Say They’re Worried About Jessica’s Shrinking Frame

Previous reports from March of this year say that some friends are worried about Jessica’s shrinking frame, with one source telling RadarOnline, “Jessica’s naturally curvy. It doesn’t seem healthy for her to be so thin.”

For Jessica’s part, the former Newlyweds star seems thrilled with her get-fit journey. “I feel like my old self before I had children and all the hormones going wild. I feel younger, actually,” said Simpson in a recent interview with Extra. “I have a lot more energy and yeah, I get to wear all the clothes that are in storage that I saved for [my children] Maxwell and Birdie.”

At the end of the day, Jessica seems quite comfortable with who she’s been, and who she is striving to be. “I’ve been criticized, and it hurts, but I’ve been every weight and I’ve been proud of it,” she shared. Many fans have been supportive, too: “I need your diet and exercise plan. ASAP,” marveled an Instagram commenter. “You so fit!” praised fellow actress Jessica Alba. Maybe we can all take a tip from the star herself: “Some days ya just have to feel your intention and let it shine.”