Fans Say Taco Bell Served A Customer On Reddit ‘Sad Looking’ Nachos

Taco Bell is known for whipping up Tex-Mex faves and classics fast, and one of the chain’s most popular offerings is the Nachos BellGrande.

On Reddit this month, many fans are taking to the social platform to express their disdain for its apparent raising prices and offer their condolences to one user who uploaded a photo of “sad-looking” nachos that they picked up from their nearest Taco Bell location.

The Nachos BellGrande, according to Taco Bell, is a dish made “with the most well-rounded refried beans, nacho cheese sauce, seasoned beef, reduced fat sour cream, and diced tomatoes.” As seen in this Redditor’s image, this did not look to be the case when it came to their experience ordering the item.


Taco Bell Customer Uploads Image Of ‘Sad-Looking’ Nachos Dish On Reddit,/h2>

Along with an image of sloppy tortilla chips, a tiny dollop of beef, slathered sour cream, cheese and scattered jalapeno pepper slices, Redditor @sylney wrote in their caption, “My last free NBG and this is how it turned out” with a defeated emoji.

As seen in the comment section, this Taco Bell customer ended up paying extra for jalapenos in their Nachos BellGrande (the item is normally $4.99 and would then become $5.59 with the add-on, which some fellow customers didn’t find to be worth it).


Fellow Fans Offer Their Condolences And Encourage Asking For A Refund

This post garnered plenty of comments from Taco Bell fans and customers who urged the user who uploaded the post to “ask for a refund.” One wrote “I’m sorry” as another deemed this version of a Nachos BellGrande to be “inexcusable.”

“Send a complaint on their website. You’ll probably get a free item out of it especially because you paid extra for jalapenos,” one wrote as another shared their experience doing so, “ive tried complaining on the app so much, never get a response.” Someone else concurred, “I’ve probably submit close to 10 complaints about missing items/ingredients and have never gotten a response.”



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“Nachos should have all the chips smothered. It’s supposed to be messy. Every chip should have everything on it. That looks awful,” another wrote as the user who posted the pic replied, stressing that Taco Bell “went completely downhill in the past year, sadly.”

Someone else dubbed these nachos to be “a disgrace.” Another wrote, “So sorry you’re going through this.” One other user explained their thoughts as to what went wrong when preparing the item,”Those chips look like they were fried in either dirty oil, or fried too long. They are way too dark.”


As for the price of the Nachos BellGrande and quality, one added to the thread, “I believe you should definitely give [the Nachos BellGrande] a go before it’s gone.” They continued, “it’s not worth whatever your store charges for it because they rarely ever make it good (in my experience) anyway lol so it’s good to snag a free one while you can.”

This commenter and others explained that using one’s Taco Bell Fire Reward to get this as a free item would be the only way to try it without “wasting” money. “I just reached fire level, and have never tried a NBG, but was planning on getting one as my first fire reward,” someone else wrote. Others are wishing them the best of luck!