Fans Can’t Believe Colin Farrell Looks Like Richard Kind in ‘The Batman’

Evan Romano
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  • The Batman (due out in 2021) released its first teaser trailer.

  • The trailer teases not only Robert Pattinson in the title role, but also several other iconic characters as well.

  • Fans universally took notice that The Penguin, played by Colin Farrell, looks just like beloved comedic actor Richard Kind.

Over the weekend, as part of DC's FanDome event, a Nirvana-soundtracked teaser trailer for The Batman (tentatively scheduled for 2021 release) dropped. Between Robert Pattinson's emo-looking Batman, Paul Dano's serial killer-esque Riddler, and Zoë Kravitz's Catwoman, there's a whole lot to be excited about and even more to discuss.

Perhaps the most notable (and fun) of those discussions is the fact that Colin Farrell, playing The Penguin, doesn't look like himself. No, instead of looking like the Colin Farrell audiences know and love from movies like In Bruges, Phone Booth, and The Lobster, he looks like an entirely different person. That entirely different person being beloved comedic actor Richard Kind, to be precise.

Farrell will definitely be great in the role (he always is, and previous dark character turns in movies like Minority Report and The Killing of a Sacred Deer leave very little doubt), but seeing him under so much makeup does inspire a certain question: why cast such a famous and well-known actor if you're not going to have them look anything like themselves? The ill-received X-Men: Apocalypse made this mistake in casting Oscar Isaac as the titular villain, only to make him look like Ivan Ooze. Star Trek: Beyond did this with Idris Elba as its villain.

The counterpoint, of course, is two-pronged: there's novelty in knowing and comprehending how impressive the make-up is, and there's also value in basically having an actor like Farrell basically making the movie in Richard Kind's body.

Regardless, it's fun when everyone notices the same sort of thing (especially when, in a case like this one, it's probably not on purpose). None of this is to say at all that it'll take away from the movie; a Penguin who looks like Richard Kind has a good chance to be the best Penguin ever. That's no disrespect to Danny DeVito's legend turn in Batman Returns; we just think Farrell as Kind as Penguin sounds like something special.

Here are some of the best fan reactions to Farrell's character reveal as The Batman's take on The Penguin.

Some fans straight-up did not even understand how it was him.

Mike Marino, the movie's make-up artist, had to confirm on Instagram that it was indeed Farrell under it all.

Maybe the reason director Matt Reeves got a fully done-up Farrell instead of Kind is because, well, Richard Kind is just too nice to be The Penguin. So Reeves had to create his own evil double.

In some ways, it just meant more reason than usual to talk about awesome supporting character actors.

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