BIP’s Abigail Heringer And Noah Erb Make Their Relationship IG Official

It was a tight competition for the most ah-dorable couple on Bachelor in Paradise during season seven. Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer, who scored the first date on the beach and were going strong (practically) ever since, were hard to beat. They seemed like the definition of "here for the right reasons" among the current Bachelor in Paradise cast, if you ask me. It was so hard not to root for those two!

They found the butter to their toast. After a few weeks watching their relationship grow on the beach and things ending in tears and a breakup at the '80s prom, you're probably wondering if they're still together.

Here's what to know about Noah and Abigail's current relationship status:

Warning! Major spoilers ahead: Stop reading here if you don't want to know what happens on the rest of this season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Were Abigail and Noah dating before Bachelor in Paradise?

Nope, it doesn't look like it. Abigail and Noah seemed to genuinely hit it off in Mexico, and nothing points to a pre-show romance between them. All that chemistry popped up on the beach organically.

ICYMI, here's Noah:

And, here's Abigail:

What happened with Noah and Abigail on Bachelor in Paradise?

Noah and Abigail's connection was slow, steady, and super sweet. They kicked off their beach romance with a kiss surrounded by piñatas and kept going strong through a few real and emotional storms.

But Abigail told Wells Adams that everyone thought she and Noah were a stronger couple than they actually are. The reason, she said, is that they don’t really talk about their feelings. Cue Noah, telling Abigail that he was falling in love with her and receiving a very awkward moment of silence in response.

Still, Noah and Abigail went to prom together, where she planned to drop the "L" word. But Noah said he had a gut feeling that things weren’t going to work out between them and said that he loved her, but wasn’t sure that he was in love with her.

Abigail said she felt like Noah had lied to her and she ended up crying in the bathroom at prom while Noah waited outside. That was the beginning of the end for this duo. Sadly, Noah and Abigail didn't make it to the finale as a couple. No overnight dates and no Neil Lane sparkler for them.

Reality Steve broke down their break up on his blog: "Noah Erb broke up with Abigail Heringer before overnights happened and they both left single," he wrote. "Maybe they plan on dating post show. I don’t know. But he broke up with her on the show after a being a couple from the get go."

Fellow Paradise alum Connor Saeli also weighed in on the pair's compatibility (or lack thereof). He mentioned on a recent episode of the Here for the Right Reasons podcast that “I know Noah. . . . So I’m curious to see how this one plays out. I actually don’t know what happens between the two of them," he said.

"But I’ve heard of Abigail from people. I don’t know if their personalities match up, to be honest. Or maybe, like, values is the right word," Connor explained, per Us Weekly. Could that be why they split?

But, are Noah and Abigail dating IRL?

If you were rooting for this pair to make it, the good news is that these two rekindled their flame after returning home. Abigail proved to Bachelor Nation that she and Noah are back together again with what might be the cutest Instagram post ever.

"I love you @noah_erb 🤍," she captioned the video, which is a montage of Noah and Abigail's super cute post-show adventures. From a couples' hike to making out under a waterfall, these two have been everywhere and anywhere together since Paradise ended.

Friends flooded Abigail's comments with congrats. "I love this ❤️❤️❤️," wrote fellow BiP alum Maurissa Gunn. Bachelorette co-host Kaitlyn Bristowe added, "Wait omg…. I LOVE watching spoiler free and seeing shit like this."

After Reality Steve posted a pic of the couple in a coffee shop in Noah's hometown, fans kind of saw their make up coming: "Noah and Abigail at Coffee House on Cherry St in Tulsa, OK earlier today," he Tweeted at the beginning of October.

But now, they're IG official (congrats!). However, even experts aren't sure if these two will last. "I love Abigail and Noah," Amber Kelleher-Andrews, the co-founder and CEO of Kelleher International, one of the largest matchmaking firms in the U.S., told Women's Health.

But, she really wants these two lovebirds "to have more of a spark. They're kind of like a married couple already." Based on that lack of chemistry, she's "not sure what's going to happen" with these two (even if they are the butter to each other's toast).

However, there are new rumors of Abigail and other Bachelorette alums.

In major (potential) drama, Dale Moss and Clare Crawley have split… again. And, while you’d think this has absolutely zero to do with Abigail, Clare happened to briefly tag Abigail in an Instagram post where she kinda-sorta addressed the news that she and Dale had broken up. The tag is no longer there, but plenty of people—including @BachelorWindmill—noticed the suspicious tag. “Anyone know why abigail is tagged? 👀,” they wrote in the comments on Clare’s post.

Well, rumor has it that Abigail and Dale hooked up, although the timing is unclear.

“There have been rumors going around about Clare and Dale breaking up but why? Supposedly a ‘good girl’ on Paradise hooked up with a recent ‘winner,” fan account @BachelorWindmill wrote. “Clare tagged Abigail in her breakup post and then shortly untagged her after. The girl is also rumored to be from Matt James season 😅 I don't think Dale cheated but it's definitely possible something happened when they were on their break.”

Bachelor Windmill also had a photo of Abigail and Ivan Hall from BiP “getting cozy” at The Governors Ball Music Festival in New York City. Although, TBH, the pic is shot from the back and it’s really hard to tell if the guy is, in fact, Ivan. Also, people pointed out that Noah was at the same event so… I dunno. Maybe it's nothing?

Either way, if you need me, I'll be doing some cyber sleuthing of my own.

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