Fans Shower Former Child Star Jonathan Lipnicki With Love After He's Called 'Unrecognizable'

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Jonathan Lipnicki

It's been a long time since Jonathan Lipnicki was a little boy on the movie set for Jerry Maguire, but his loyal fans still love him just the same.

The former child actor, now age 33, recently appeared in a new video interview for the Brotherly Love Podcast, where he looked "nearly unrecognizable," according to one online comment.

In the video published on YouTube Friday, Dec. 8, Lipnicki appeared on the screen with long hair, reaching down just past his shoulders, as he engaged in a spirited conversation about some of his beloved childhood roles, which notably include Jerry Maguire, Stuart Little, Like Mike, The Little Vampire and more.

And while Lipnicki has clearly transformed into a grown man since his child star days, most fan comments expressed joy over how well Lipnicki appeared to be doing. For instance, one fan chimed in, "Wow he is so grown now!!!! He was the cutest little kid!"

"I am having a hard time believing that is him," another person wrote, while admitting that it was Lipnicki's "facial expressions" that helped them recognize him. "This is cool," that commenter added, however.

Other loyal fans knew right away that it was Lipnicki, as one viewer commented, "Immediately hit like before I even started because I know this is going to be epic!"

"I was in elementary school when I first saw Stuart Little, and Like Mike in middle school," someone else recalled, while noting, "The nostalgia is real."

"Jerry Maguire, Stuart Little, Like Mike, and the list goes on. Jonathan was a big part of my childhood, man. Much respect!" another comment read.

As for what he's been up to these days? Lipnicki told hosts Joey LawrenceMatthew Lawrence and Andrew Lawrence that he ditched Hollywood three months ago for Oklahoma City.

"I just hit a point where I realized I was self-taping everything," he said of his big move. "Everything I do is either Zoom or self-tape anyway. I wanted to see what it's like to live somewhere else."

Watch the full interview for yourself above.

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