Fans rooting for ‘Price Is Right’ contestant after hilariously romantic gesture

Love was in the air on Monday’s The Price Is Right. A contestant by the name of Paris Paul used his 15 minutes of fame to try and rekindle a relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

After missing out on winning a car during the game Switcharoo, Paris hoped to win back his girlfriend with an incredibly romantic gesture. So during the Showcase Showdown wheel spin, he shouted into host Drew Carey’s mic, “Hi to my ex-girlfriend. I still love you, and let's give it another shot!” He then let out an enthusiastic “Woo!”

Drew couldn’t help but support the romantic gesture, especially after Paris’s spun 90 cents. “She's got to love you now,” exclaimed Drews, “You’re dope to dump this guy, he just spun a 90 or the Wheel.”

Drew wasn’t the only person rooting for Paris, as many fans took to Twitter to show their support.

Despite spinning 90 cents on the Wheel, Paris did not advance to the Showcase Showdown because another contestant spun $1. To make matters worse, it also looks like this didn’t work out with his ex-girlfriend. He replied to a supportive tweet, writing, “Thanks. She doesn’t want to see me but I think it’s just cuzza the rona. Will keep you posted.”