What Fans Really Feel About Everett’s Vision, Stephanie and Jada Friendship on DAYS

Stephanie, Jada, and Everett/Bobby.
Stephanie, Jada, and Everett/Bobby.
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There’s a lot of drama going on with the Stephanie/Everett/Jada dynamic on Days of Our Lives. There’s the “Who is Everett” component. Is he just a lying liar that lies or does he have some sort of mental health issue? Why can’t Jada and Stephanie see each other’s perspectives? In addition, why does Stephanie want Jada to have compassion for Everett? And on the flip side, why can’t Jada see there may be more going on than Bobby being a dirty, rotten scoundrel? And, finally, how about the Stephanie/Jada friendship? Is it a genuine connection?

Chaos and Disorder

In the Wednesday, April 3 episode of DAYS, Everett (Blake Berris) told Stephanie (Abigail Klein) about his disturbing vision of himself. At the same time, he didn’t tell her anything else he saw in that vision like himself as a little boy and how he felt his mom, Helen. This is his right, of course, since it happened in his private therapy session. However, he always seems to hold back something or another. (Check out our photo recap of the April 2nd episode of DAYS here)

Jada (Elia Cantu) accidentally crashed Stephanie and Everett’s Pub conversation. Again, she had no time for them, especially after Stephanie asked if it was too much for Jada to have compassion for what Everett/Bobby was going through. And again, Everett talked about his vision, this time he left a few more facts out of the mix. Later, Stephanie wanted to know if Marlena (Deidre Hall) should talk to Jada about getting her to empathize with Everett.

Now, it looks like Jada will have to deal with why she and Bobby are still married. (Check out what Jamie Martin Mann [Tate] has to say about his DAYS departure here)

Fan Feedback

Soap Hub hit Facebook and the X/Formerly known as Twitter to find out what DAYS fans think about this whole Everett/Bobby/Jada/Stephanie chaos.

@eve_mongrain is in the camp of people who feel bad for Everett. She says, “He seems terrified of his past.”

@MichLeeW has a lot to say about this topic. But above all, she wishes this story focused more on Stephanie and Jada’s friendship than anything with Everett. “I don’t need to see his therapy sessions. We’re not going to care about this character enough for this. He should just be here to cause trouble.”

On Facebook, Carol Crawford has her theory of what Everett went through when he was a child. “He saw his mother kill his father.”

Like Carol, Randi Mason also thinks Everett’s mom, Helen, killed his father. “Everett saw that and the Bobby personae was created to protect him from that memory,” Mason theorizes. “The memory was buried and when it came back during hypnosis so did Bobby.”

@lcsoaptweets hopes Jada extricates her from this situation sooner rather than later. “Free Jada from Everett/Bobby,” she writes.

Luisa DelaPaz Perz has a question for everyone. “If he (Everett) has a split personality how come Bobby has not shown all the time he has been in Salem?”

And finally, here’s another theory from a DAYS FB fan. “I think he has DID, is Nick – back from ‘the dead, heaven, hell’ place where Marlena, Kate and Kayla were…and he has DID or multiple personality disorder.”

What do you make of Everett’s disturbing vision? Should Jada muster up some empathy for Bobby? And how about Stephanie — what do you think of her sympathy for what could be a devil in sheep’s clothing? Let us know in the comments below.

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