What Fans Really Feel About Devon and Billy’s Corporate War on The Young and the Restless

The Chanellor-Winters Staff.
The Chanellor-Winters Staff.
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One of the biggest stories on The Young and the Restless is this corporate Succession-like war pitting family against family. An impending solution proposes that the merger stay, but only in name. Each family does their own thing. So, publically, they look like a melting pot of diverse ideas. Privately, it’s exactly the opposite. How is that even going to work? And is that even a viable solution?

Chancellor-Winters Corporate Conflict

So far, Devon (Bryton James) and Billy (Jason Thompson, whose character left Jabot to return to CW) and their massive egos have been throwing out game-changing moves without thinking about the consequences or checking whether it’s even a wise move.

The two executives have continually gone toe to toe and have based decisions on how they feel the other will react or decide. Meanwhile, Nate (Sean Dominic) and Chance(Conner Floyd) sound like the voices of reason, which is nuts considering Chance is a newbie. After returning to Chancellor-Winters after his betrayal and somewhat short-lived turn at Newman, Nate is still seeking redemption.

Well, Lily Winters (Christel Khalil, who recently returned to Y&R) is finally back in Genoa City, and she’s a factor who has been absent from this whole Game of Thrones-type situation. Normally, her alliance with Devon would be a no-brainer, but now that she knows her brother knew about Daniel’s dalliance with Heather? Anything can happen. However, she used to be involved with Billy and everybody knows how that ended so maybe (hopefully) will shove Devon and Billy aside with their petty arguments and posturing and do what needs to be done to get the job done.

Of course, there are also the wild cards of this whole messy matter: none other than Aunt Mamie (Veronica Redd) and Jill Abbott (Jess Walton) along with their wicked rivalry. They’d love for each family to go their own way. Is that what will happen at the end of the day?

Fan Feedback

Soap Hub hit up X/Formerly Known as Twitter to suss out the temperature during this Chancellor-Winters war. The office politics are real, so whose side are the fans taking?

@Ashlee87731012 emphatically expresses their support for one Lily Winters. “When Lily starts working again,” she says, “I don’t need her to take any sides when it comes to Devon and Billy I need her to set their asses straight let them know she’s the BOSS #YR”

@alexaismyname2 is a very wise soul: “#yr Billy says Mamie is not the problem. Billy is. Why can’t it be both, Devon?” You can’t fault her logic.

Meanwhile, @sunniimee logs a strong vote for Aunt Mamie being the one causing the most conflict at Chancellor-Winters. What do you all think?

Speaking of Aunt Mamie, @rickistheone agrees with every single word she says.

@moreoreless36 is feeling slightly sorry for Billy Abbott.

After seeing Daniel throw Devon under the buss, @mamurf41 is convinced that “Lily may be mad enough at Dvon that she sides with Billy on the CW debacle…#yr” Do you all agree?

And, finally, @agilllo is “in full support of all Lily’s revenge era antics — let’s get Daniel evicted, fire him and Heather from CW and clock Devon and Billy… excited for Dru’s child to raise hell #YR.”

Where do you come in on the Chancellor-Winters office politics / corporate war? Let us know in the comments!

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