Fans Are Reacting To The "Ms. Marvel" Finale And The Introduction Of [REDACTED] To The MCU

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The MCU's latest Disney+ show, Ms. Marvel, wrapped up last night, and the finale was nothing short of MARVELOUS!

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(I'm sorry for that. Truly.)

The epic conclusion left us all REELING, as it was filled with twists, turns, and REVEALS, REVEALS, REVEALS!

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Me and all my friends in the group chat.

So, let's take a look at what fans are saying about the show's conclusion, the wild post-credits scene, and *THAT* moment at the end of the episode.


First up, we finally got to see Kamala in her super suit! And not only that, we got to see its origin. I'm gonna cry!

We also got to see our favorite New Jersey hero settle on a name for herself in the most precious way possible.

And after being caught in a sort of love triangle between Kamran and Bruno all season, we finally got to see some ACTION in the romance department!

OK, OK, OK, now we HAVE to talk about the post-credits scene where CAROL F*CKING DANVERS SHOWED UP!! AHHHH!!!

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Kamala's bracelet starts glowing and suddenly she's GONE! And we were all like —

Thankfully, this user has some answers for us.

And we were all collectively gagged!

Where is Kamala???

Here we have a possible explanation that might bring in more of the Marvel comics lore!

An excerpt from a Marvel fan page that says armbands called Nega-Bands have been used to make characters switch places

Basically, magic bracelets that let you swap places!!

This fan noted a possible connection to Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings!

Another possible theory!

But the BIGGEST reveal of the episode, a moment that MCU fans have been awaiting for YEARS, finally happened. IT FINALLY HAPPENED!



And yes, they dropped the X-Men '97 theme in the episode just to make sure we all understood EXACTLY what they were saying!

Some fans think this is just the beginning and that some of our other faves may be coming out as mutants next.

Some people wish it had been Wanda first.

But pretty much everyone — including Iman Vellani, who portrays Kamala — is totally GEEKED about it!

And now we're left to wonder, "What comes next?"

But what we DO know is that Kamala will be back next summer in The Marvels.

But one thing we can all agree on: We can't wait for more Kamala and more Iman Vellani.

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