Fans Rally Around Jenny Marrs After She Reveals Her Secret Anxiety

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Jenny Marrs Reveals She Has Flight AnxietyJustin Ford - Getty Images

Jenny Marrs recently took to Instagram to reveal why she loves to travel—even though she has flight anxiety. Luckily, she has a method for getting through it, and fans are flooding her comments section with messages of support.

In the caption tied to a video of her kids dancing in the streets during a vacation, Marrs wrote: "This sweet moment from last year popped up on my phone’s memories this morning and it’s a perfectly timed reminder of WHY we travel. Sharing a meal with dear friends who live across the sea and watching our girls dance in ancient streets is a pretty great reason to go 🫶🤍."

She continued, "Dave and I fly back tomorrow for work and I’ve been so anxious about the flight that this video was exactly what my heart needed today. No matter the circumstance, we always say 'remember the WHY' and this precious memory is an unmistakable reminder."

Fans showed their support for the HGTV star in the comments, with many sharing the same struggle. One commenter wrote, "I too have travel anxiety but the WHY is seeing my children and grandchildren scattered across the country! Totally worth it! Wishing you happy and safe travels!!🙏🏼❤️😘"

Others simply gave well wishes and shared why they believe traveling is so important. "I pray that not only are your flights safe and uneventful, but that God takes your anxieties away and you are able to actually enjoy the experience," one commenter wrote.

Another added, "My mother told me a looooooong time ago. No one EVER said at the end of their life “I spent too much time with my kids…. I traveled too much”. Two true joys in life. But I’m with you… hate the flights. Safe travels."

It's never easy to overcome fear, but the rewards are often great. It certainly helps that Marrs has her family and fans around to cheer her on!

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