Fans Rally Around Hoda Kotb as the ‘Today’ Show Finally Explains Why She’s Been Absent for Over a Week

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The Reason Hoda Kotb Hasn’t Been on the Today ShowNBC - Getty Images

Fans are rallying around Hoda Kotb, as the Today show finally revealed why she’s been missing for over a week: She’s dealing with a “family health matter.”

The Today show Twitter account shared this update, writing, “Both @SavannahGuthrie and @HodaKotb are off today, with Savannah recovering from a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. As for Hoda, she is okay and handling a family health matter. We’re sending our love to them both and can’t wait to see them in the studio soon.”

The account also shared a clip of Craig Melvin saying, “Savannah, she’s at home after a positive Covid test yesterday. We’re wishing our friend a speedy recovery. As for Hoda, we know a lot of you have been wondering how she’s doing. We can tell you that Hoda’s okay—she’s got a family health matter that she’s been dealing with. So we look forward to seeing Hoda and Savannah back here at the desk very soon.”

Fans are sending support to Hoda via Instagram amid this news, where her latest post simply says, “Choose hope.”

Meanwhile, Savannah tested positive for Covid in the middle of Tuesday’s Today show, leaving set within the first hour. Sheinelle Jones told viewers about her departure at 7:41 a.m., simply saying, “Willie joins us in for Savannah who had to leave a little early this morning.” Sheinelle later updated fans with, “By the way, it has been an interesting morning for us. As we said, Savannah left early. She wasn’t feeling great, so she took a Covid test. It came back positive. So, of course, as soon as we found out, she rushed home to rest up. So Savannah, we love you, wishing you a speedy recovery.”

Wishing Savannah and Hoda all the best!

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