Fans Rally Around Hoda Kotb After She Got Choked Up During a Powerful Moment on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show'

Amanda Garrity
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From Good Housekeeping

  • Today anchor Hoda Kotb went on The Kelly Clarkson Show to promote her new book, This Just Speaks to Me: Words to Live By Every Day.

  • While discussing a few quotes from the book, Hoda got emotional when talking about her desire to "be of service more than I am."

  • Kelly reminded Hoda that everyone has a different purpose, and hers is to highlight other people doing amazing work.

Today star Hoda Kotb always wears her heart on her sleeve. While on The Kelly Clarkson Show to promote her new book, This Just Speaks to Me: Words to Live By Every Day, Hoda got emotional in an unexpected — or as she put it, "weird" — moment.

The two were discussing a quote from Hoda's book — "Remember your why." — when the NBC co-anchor opened up about her own struggle with finding her purpose in life: "I've had second thoughts myself about my life a million times. Like, aren't I supposed to be, I feel like I should be of service more than I am," she said while on the verge of tears. She paused before continuing on, admitting that it was "weird" that she got so emotional.

Kelly leaned into the moment, reassuring Hoda that she's had the same thoughts, especially "now more than ever." She went on to explain that Hoda's purpose (and hers) is to "shine a spotlight" on others. "Of course, we do other things outside our jobs. A big thing for you that I've been watching for years with everybody else is you highlight so many amazing people that are doing these things ... that yes we want to do, but this is our purpose," she continued.

Hoda, who was clearly taken aback by her initial reaction, thanked Kelly for making her feel better. Then she carried on, explaining why it's so important to identify your purpose in the first place: "You feel like you get one ride around the sun and that's it. I think for all of us if you hit pause on your life for a second and wonder, 'Am I in the right relationship? Am I in the right job?' And like, making a change is hard, man. It's easier to stay."

Without hesitation, fans flooded the comments on The Kelly Clarkson Show's YouTube page with praise for both women, thanking them for being so vulnerable about such a relatable topic. "We are here to serve others. So, if you inspire, encourage, empathize, give and move others to be their best selves, then I think you've done your part. I've been inspired by Hoda Kotb for decades, and I think Kelly will inspire me as well," one wrote.

Another fan pointed echoed this sentiment, pointing out all the ways both women "bring joy" to her life: "Some people's purpose is to highlight or shine a spotlight on others. And I think some people's purpose is to bring joy. Hoda brings me joy just by being who she is. Kelly brings me laughter, joy, and makes me want to be a more joyous person."

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