Fans Praise ‘Class Act’ Adele for Defending Fan From Security Guard

Fans of Adele are praising the English singer-songwriter for calling out a security guard who was bothering a fan at one of her recent shows.

While attending a concert part of Adele's Weekends with Adele Las Vegas residency, Instagram user @camilarossiii captured the moment when the 35-year-old stopped her performance of "Water Under the Bridge" from her album 25 to bring attention to the issue.

Just after she started singing the song, Adele called for a pause and the band immediately stopped playing. She then said, "What is going on with that young fan right there?" After the confusion over whom she was talking about was all sorted, Adele questioned the security guard, asking, "Why are you bothering him? Can you leave him alone please?"

She then assured the fan, "They won't bother you again now, darling. You enjoy the show," and asked security to "Leave him alone" once more before jumping right back into the performance.

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While the fan has since removed the video from Instagram, PopCrave's social media accounts also shared the clip, and fans quickly commended Adele's professionalism and attention to her fans.

"Class act," wrote one fan, while another reacted, "Things we love to see."

A third gushed, "Adele's heart is as powerful as her voice! Her dedication to her fans is truly admirable. This moment is a testament to her genuine love and care for the people who support her."

"Imagine getting scolded by Adele… You’d need to join witness protection Lmaoo," joked someone else.

During an Eras Tour stop earlier this summer, Taylor Swift was forced to act similarly, and was caught on camera telling one of the security guards to leave a fan alone.

Adele's current Las Vegas residency will continue into November with many more concerts at the Colosseum Theatre at Caesars Palace.

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