Fans Have So Many Thoughts About the Way Luke Bryan is Training His Dog to Stop Begging

Rebecca Norris
Photo credit: Instagram/Luke Bryan
Photo credit: Instagram/Luke Bryan

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  • Luke Bryan isn’t one to shy away from playing jokes on his loved ones.

  • Now, Luke has taken to Instagram to play a trick on Choc, his chocolate lab, and fans had strong reactions.

Luke Bryan is back at it with his tricky antics!

On Tuesday, July 21, Luke took to his Instagram to share a video of himself teaching his chocolate lab, Choc, a lesson in incessantly begging for food.

“Choc stares at me eating,” Luke said while panning from his puppy-eyed doggo to his plate full of food. “I’m gonna play a prank. Choc, you’re gonna get pranked. Are you ready?”

As Choc looks inquisitively at Luke while tilting his head in the most adorable way, Luke throws him none other than half a tomato. “We’ll see if you like tomatoes,” he said. After giving it a couple of grimace-faced chews, Choc spit it out in whole.

While pranking Choc with a not-so-tasty treat may very well leave a lasting impression that teaches him not to beg, some commenters had words for Luke.

“Don't be mean to that baby like that, give him something good, he's a good boy,” one follower wrote.

“Not nice to play a cruel prank like that,” another chimed in, while someone else added "Awwww poor baby."

Other fans commented with "That ain't right," and one in particular understood Choc's confusion: "Poor Choc hahahah. He's like what the heck is a tomato?!"

His wife, Lina, hilariously commented, "That was my tomato."

Of course, even the folks condemning Luke’s prank included loads of laughing emojis throughout the clip’s comments section, so at the end of the day, it was all in good fun.

Here’s to seeing if Choc stops begging as a result!

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