Fans are losing it over Tommy's sweet tribute to Molly-Mae

Photo credit: Molly-Mae Hague - Instagram
Photo credit: Molly-Mae Hague - Instagram

It's no secret that Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury have one of the cutest relationships to ever come out of Love Island. And, just when we thought these two couldn't get any cuter, they prove us wrong.

Over the weekend, Tommy had a boxing match in the US which Molly-Mae was unable to attend. She posted a video to her TikTok about the match, captioned: "When you're not allowed to go over to America to watch your boyfriend's USA boxing debut."

But, as Molly-Mae watched the boxing match from home, eagle eyed fans spotted Tommy's sweet tribute to his absent girlfriend. On his Instagram, Tommy shared a photo of his winning moment, and if you zoom in closely, you can see Ellie Belly embroidered into his boxing robe.

ICYMI, Molly-Mae brought her childhood teddy aka Ellie Belly into the Love Island villa with her in 2019. Since then, Ellie Belly's been a staple in the couple's lives and on their social media accounts too. Who knew a teddy could be quite so famous.

Fans quickly took to Twitter to share their excitement over the v sweet tribute. "Tommy Fury having Ellie Belly on his robe as a good luck charm... ladies never settle for anything less," said one fan, while another tweeted "Tommy Fury has Ellie Belly on his boxing gown and I can’t even get past a first date."

Someone else wrote "Tommy fury having Ellie Belly on his boxing robe is a better love story than Twilight."

Here's a few more reactions to the moment...

Right, where can we find ourselves a Tommy then!?

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