Fans Are Literally Crying Over Ben Napier's Letter to Erin

erin and ben napier of hgtv's home town
Erin Napier Shows Off Ben's Sweet Love LetterThe Washington Post - Getty Images

Ben and Erin Napier might star in a popular HGTV show, run a home goods store, make custom kitchen countertops, and raise their two children, but they still know how to keep the spark alive. Last week, Erin took to Instagram to post a a carousel of candids—included a shot of a love note Ben wrote to her on September 14, 2023.

"Good morning," he wrote. "I got so excited to see my girls after work last night. Thanks for being the light at the end of a long day. I love you. You are my joy." As if this letter couldn't be any cuter, Ben sweetly signed the note as "Big," Erin's nickname for her tall, big-hearted husband.

Such adorable glimpses into anyone's relationship—let alone an HGTV power couple—gives us serious heart eyes. Naturally, we're not the only ones obsessed with this loved-up letter: Home Town fans are also going crazy for this correspondence.

"You are so lucky to have printed documentation for all to see of Ben's adoration for you," one person wrote. Another demanded more and asked, "Please tell me you've saved every love letter from Ben over the years!?" "Maybe someday you will put the not-so-personal typed notes from Ben into book form," a third commented. "What a beautiful book of love and 'non-poetry' poetry that would be!"

Though we seldom see Ben's notes, the couple has been very open about his sweet habit of putting pen to paper to celebrate his love for Erin. "Every day he's up before me, and he writes me a letter," Erin told People in 2020. "It's a short one, but it's a letter. And since I don't do coffee, I drink Coke, he's got one waiting."

Of course, Ben isn't the only one who packs on the romance: Erin never misses a moment to sing her husband's praises. "He was like a celebrity crush to me,” she said to People when asked about the early stages of their relationship at Jone County Junior College. "He was the president of every club and very popular but not exclusive. I would see someone eating alone in the cafeteria, and there was Ben, pulling up a chair beside them." Grab the tissues!

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