Fans Question Kris Jenner's Heavily Filtered Video: 'Looks Like AI'

Kris Jenner is being called out for using another beauty filter.

After celebrity makeup artist and internet personality Samer Khouzami shared a video of the reality TV star smiling and flirting with the camera, social media users began demanding answers for why her appearance looked to be altered.

The clip, set to audio from The Kardashians Hulu series, also included the caption "The momager @krisjenner for todays #glam#samerkhouzami."

But most Instagram users didn't agree with the video's claims to be "glam," with one calling it "an ad for AI filters 😂."

"The AI filter on this is mad," someone else suggested, while a third questioned, "Is this AI?" In fact, the number of comments similar to "This looks like AI" was too abundant to keep track of.

Even the official Instagram account for the editing app Facetune chimed in, mocking, "This is a great time to tell everyone we have Facetune for videos."

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"Jesus whats with the filter," another wrote. "Ridiculous."

"This looks like Kim dressing up as Kris!" a fourth declared.

There were also calls for Jenner to "Embrace [her] age" and for the creator to "take the filter off" so that viewers could appreciate "and see the actual makeup," though Khouzami nor Jenner responded.

"Please post an unfiltered photo so we can see her true beauty," wrote fellow makeup artist and Torrid model Lyanna Lynette. "Being a master makeup artist this just gives clients the wrong illusion and this is things they expect instead of seeing pours which is totally normal."

"I would love to see the unfiltered video ❤️," added Stephanie VanStaten, another successful makeup artist.

Despite the majority of negative comments, Jenner, 67, still had fans defending her in the comments, calling her "the queen" and gushing over Khouzami's work, "Omg!! Habibiiii i am so happy for you ❤️❤️❤️ she looking stunning ❤️❤️."

"So unbelievably beautiful!" exclaimed celebrity makeup artist Jaclyn Hill.

Khouzami later uploaded still images posing with Jenner post-glam, but they also appear to be edited.

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