Fans Say Kane Brown 'Hasn’t Changed a Bit' After Seeing His Baby Pictures

Kane Brown

Kane Brown "hasn't changed a bit" over the years, and he's got the photographic evidence to prove it.

"Smiling big since day one 😂❤️," he observed in a photoset recently posted to his family's shared Instagram account, featuring three photos of photos of him from when he was just a babe.

In the first, he sat in a professional photography studio, wearing a red and white outfit as he gave a bright, gummy smile. Just two teeth poked out from his bottom gums, suggesting he's probably somewhere between six and 12 months in the shot.

The next photo was slightly blurred by the reflection of Brown's phone on the glass. He wore a white sailor shirt and blue diaper cover with a white hat, offering that same giant smile to the camera.

In the final shot, a glare obscured his mouth, but you can still tell he's smiling sweetly in his blue, sports-themed shirt.

Not only does he have the same smile, though, the 30-year-old has the exact same face, showing little change as he grew up.

"So cute and hasn’t changed a bit same Beautiful smile ❤️," one fan wrote, while another agreed, "His smile has never changed!"

"Absolutely adorable and still looks the same," someone else said, while another wrote, "You look the same ! Always smiling."

Others pointed out the strength of his genes, noting that his two young daughters Kodi and Kingsley favor him—though one person declared the girls are actually "the perfect blend of you and your beautiful wife!"

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