Fans are all joking about this one moment from this Kardashian clip

Fans are all joking about this one moment from this Kardashian clip

Vogue just released a video of Kendall Jenner breaking down 16 of her best and most questionable looks over the years. Starting way back in 2007 when the famous family first burst onto the scene with Keeping Up With the Kardashians, to some of her very first runway shows, the 26-year-old model also looked back at her and Kylie Jenner's now iconic 2019 Met Gala look.

ICYMI, (which we can't imagine you did) the theme was Camp: Notes on Fashion and the sisters teamed up to create one of the most striking statements of the evening. Remember Kylie's purple wig and Kendall's orange feather wings? Of course you do.

But one TikTok user has since singled out the clip and shared it on the social media platform, and it's got fans all joking about the exact same thing - that Kendall is pronouncing Versace wrong, and that "Donatella has left the group" chat.

Taking to the comment section, one user joked: "It’s VERSACEEEEE….Donatella is rolling her eyes right now 😩," as another said: "Does Donatella know you’re saying 'Versace' that way Kendall Jenner?"

As well as the Versace jokes, some fans were quick to come to Kendall's aid, expressing that her pronunciation is not the end of the world. "The point of the video is the story on the look, not how she pronounces Versace y’all 😭," one user said, as someone else typed: "That's how Americans say Versace."

Regardless of the "Versace not Versaci" debate, you can't deny that Kenny and Kylie absolutely *slayed* the red carpet that year. More Met Gala matching outfits, please?

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