Fans Are Floored By John Stamos’ Nude Pic in Honor of 60th Birthday

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John Stamos Celebrated 60 With a Nude Shower SnapGetty Images

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  • John Stamos poses nude in an outdoor shower to celebrate his 60th birthday in a recent photo.

  • “The other side of 60,” he cleverly captioned the post.

  • The Full House star is grateful to have reached such a significant milestone and reflects on his life in an upcoming memoir.

Earlier this month, John Stamos (somehow) turned 60—and he shared a photo that implies how he feels about being on the backside of the milestone. In a recent Instagram, the Full House star was caught on camera by his wife, Caitlin McHugh Stamos, posing nude in (what appears to be) an outdoor shower. “The other side of 60,” he cleverly captioned the post, which was cropped at his lower back.

If fans’ comments are any indication, Stamos is maintaining his heartthrob status as he enters a new decade. Plenty of appropriately timed “Have Mercys” entered the chat, and others were more... explicit with their comments. But we’ll highlight some of the more PG ones.

“Oo la la! Uncle Jesse’s the king of the house and the shower and everything else!” one fan wrote. “Uncle Jesse, you’ve been so damn fine for a long ass time! 😍” one person commented. “60 looks good on you John ❤️🔥,” another added. “Unreal. Just unreal. 60 and you’re still my biggest crush of all time,” someone else wrote.

Jokes aside, Stamos is grateful to reach the milestone birthday—especially because he’s doing so alongside Caitlin and their five-year-old son, Billy. “I’m right where I’m supposed to be at 60!” he captioned another video. “Thank you for all the birthday wishes and love. I hope to give back to you what you have given me, a wonderful life.”

In the clip, he lays on a bed with Billy and asks him: “You know how happy I am that I’ve turned 60 and have such a wonderful son like you?” Billy replied: “So happy,” and then later added: “You don’t look 60, you look baby!”

The end of the video featured a montage of family photos to the backtrack of a line from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in which Gene Wilder’s Wonka says: “Don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got what he always wanted... he lived happily ever after.”

As if that post wasn’t sweet enough, Caitlin also shared a sentimental birthday tribute to the star that touted his upcoming memoir. “Can you believe this man is 60?! The only way he shows his age is in his wisdom and his extensive list of life accomplishments,” she wrote. “I’m excited that he’s sharing his whole story, mind, heart, soul with you in his memoir to be released in October.”

You can check out the book, If You Would Have Told Me, on presale now; available October 24.

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