Fans Express How Much Simon Cowell's 9-Year-Old Son Has Grown Up in Rare Family Photos

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Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell recently shared some rare snapshots of his son on social media, and fans couldn't believe how "grown up and handsome" he is becoming.

The America's Got Talent judge's 9-year-old and only child, Eric, appeared alongside the family's new pup, Pebbles, in the shots, which were uploaded to Instagram on Saturday, Jan. 13.

The first picture showcased the boy lying on the floor near the dog while he extended his hand to hold the canine's chin. Both seemed to be willing parties and ready for the shot, as they looked directly toward the camera, Eric shooting a subtle smile at the lens.

The following captures showed a solo pic of Pebbles, and another of the duo together, as Eric wrapped his arms around his furry friend for a warm embrace as they sat on a couch.

"LOVE," the trio of images was captioned, an appropriate sentiment to describe the presented selection of lovable and endearing photos.

Fans flooded into the comments section of the upload with adoration for both the young boy and the puppy.

"Stunning wee pup 🥰 and Eric so grown up and handsome," one noticed, as another gushed, "Awwwww they’re so cute together ❤️."

"Eric is so big now awww 😍 beautiful," a third agreed.

Several more sent in sweet notes about how "beautiful," "gorgeous," and "fabulous" Pebbles is.

Meanwhile, someone else couldn't decide between the two, adding, "I don't know who's cuter: Erick [sic] or the pup ❤️."

"FREAKING PRECIOUS," Twilight actor Taylor Lautner scream-wrote.

An additional Instagram user summed up our thoughts by writing, "Lovely, 'puppy love, a companion and loyal friend for ever.'"

The 64-year-old shares Eric, who will celebrate his 10th birthday next month on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, with fiancée, Lauren Silverman.

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