Fans Are 'Disgusted' By Kylie Jenner's Birthday Party For Her Kids

Kylie Jenner, 25, threw a joint birthday party for her two young children, Stormi, 5, and Aire,1. However, the theme for the party has many on social media claiming that she is making light of the deadly Astroworld tragedy that left 10 people dead in 2021. Fans are calling the party “tasteless.” One fan took to Twitter to criticize the Astroworld-themed party saying, “I cannot believe such disdain for human life lost.”

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Kylie Jenner Is Under Fire For Throwing Her Kids, Stormi And Aire, An Astroworld-Themed B-Day Party

Kylie celebrated Stormi’s fifth birthday on Wednesday, Feb. 1, and then Aire’s first birthday bash on Thursday, Feb. 2. Both parties seemed to use the same massive Astroworld-themed decorations. After the Kylie Cosmetic founder and her famous family shared photos and videos from the event, fans were critical of Jenner’s choice to use decorations inspired by the cover of her ex Travis Scott’s hit album, Astroworld.


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In August 2018, rapper Travis, 30, released his third studio album Astroworld. Critics have said that it is his best album to date. It included such popular songs as “Butterfly Effect,” “Sicko Mode,” “Yosemite,” and “Wake Up.” The album cover had unforgettable artwork featuring a giant golden inflatable of Travis’s head as the entrance to an amusement park. The title of the album was named after a now-defunct Six Flags theme park in Houston, also called AstroWorld.

The decorations included inflatable heads with gaping mouths modeled after Stormi. The inflatable heads were inspired by a similar large head modeled after Travis’s own face on the cover of his LP. Kylie has used these Astroworld-themed decorations for most of Stormi’s fast birthdays.

For Stormi’s second birthday, Jenner kept the Astroworld heads but designed an entire indoor carnival celebrating her daughter and featuring even more disembodied heads. Kylie took a break from the album-themed decorations following the deaths at the Astroworld Festival crowd crush in November 2021, when Stormi would have turned four in February 2022.

Despite the disturbing associations with the deadly event, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star brought back the decorations for Stormi and Aire’s joint birthday bash. This latest party had one silver Stormi head with rainbow-colored slides coming out of its mouth.

Social media reacts

After the Kardashian-Jenners posted images and videos of the party on social media, users were outraged with many describing the display as tasteless because of the association with the deadly crowd surge at the festival in 2021. One Twitter user thought she was spitting in the face of the victims of the Astroworld tragedy, as well as their families.

“Kylie Jenner MOCKS Astroworld victims (including a 10-year-old that was trampled) with her ex Travis-Scott themed birthday party for her daughter, Stormi,” one fan wrote, while including photos of one of the large heads and pictures of the 10 people killed at the music festival. And, this isn’t the first time that Kylie has sparked controversy this month. During Paris Fashion Week, the makeup mogul donned a Givenchy necklace shaped like a noose that fans said was insensitive to wear.

Another person quipped that Kylie was “probably the least eco-friendly woman” because of the massive Astroworld-themed decorations. Although Kylie seemed to be reusing the decorations for Aire’s birthday the next day, Jenner’s son had special details suited just for him. One of the inflatable heads had a road laid out heading into its mouth, with balloons reading “Route 1” surrounding it. And, Kylie shared a photo of his birthday cake, which was shaped like a race car and seemingly inspired by Disney’s Cars, one of his favorite movies.

Despite splitting from Travis, Kylie doesn’t seem to mind reusing the Stormi World decorations, even with their connection to him and his music. They welcomed their first child on February 1, 2018, and Aire was born just a day after his sister’s birthday on February 2, 2022. In early January, it was reported that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott broke up for the second time after the two stars rekindled their romance in 2020.