Fans Defend Tearful 'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Over 'Worst' Final Puzzle

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'Wheel of Fortune'

The Wheel of Fortune fan community is rallying around one contestant, who viewers believe didn't get a fair shot during the Bonus Round at the end of the game.

During the Tuesday, Feb. 27 episode of the long-running game show, a contestant by the name of Amy Chumbley got a little emotional after she failed to solve the puzzle in the final round.

After selecting her letters, Chumbly was faced with the puzzle reading, "“_ I _ E E M _ T _ _ I E L _," on the board, which she couldn't solve before the 10-second timer. Vanna White eventually revealed the answer as "Wide Empty Field."

Chumbley then let out a groan and scrunched up her face as if she was about to cry. Host Pat Sajak then chimed in saying, "She's crying on the air," as he revealed that the missed puzzle cost Chubley $40k in would-be winnings.

Even though she still went home with over $27k, fans still felt for Chubley, with many viewers at home taking to the internet to point out the difficulty of the puzzle.

"Another borderline impossible puzzle for the letters called. So many misses recently," one person wrote in the comments under a clip from the episode shared to YouTube.

"Never heard this phrase in my entire life," someone else added. "i never would have solved this."

"Sajak don't make Amy cry," another user quipped.

But even Chubley herself added to the conversation in the comments, revealing the real reason why she almost teared up after missing the puzzle.

“I almost cried because my sister's husband is a cotton and wheat farmer and works in a 'wide open field'…but most certainly not empty! haha!"

Still, Chubley seemed to have enjoyed her time on the show, adding in her comment, "This was an experience of a lifetime!"

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