Fans Defend Meg Ryan Amid Internet Trolling

Meg Ryan made a rare public appearance on Wednesday, attending a special screening in New York City of Michael J. Fox's documentary STILL, which documents his life with Parkinson's disease.

In the first snaps of her in public since 2022, the friends were photographed together looking cheerful, but many people on social media claimed that Ryan looked unrecognizable in the new shots, speculating that the When Harry Met Sally star has had too much plastic surgery.

However, Ryan's fans were quick to counter the negative comments, demanding people to not trash the actress' looks.

"Leave. Meg. Ryan. Alone. Aging happens. Deal with it because one day the unrecognizable face will be the one staring back at you," wrote one fan.

Another tweeted, "'MEG RYAN IS UNRECOGNIZABLE PHOTOGRAPHED IN SEATTLE' shut up! People get old, even beautiful people. Let people get old."

Someone else pointed out that Ryan "looks exactly as different as you would expect a 61 year old to look."

While another fan said Ryan still looks like herself, writing, "I dunno…I still see Meg Ryan. She looks shiny and a little older but wtf…she looks perfectly fine."

A fan also called out the overwhelming number of negative comments about the Sleepless in Seattle star, tweeting, "Women are terrible to other women and largely base their opinions on looks. Comments on MR’s picture are nasty, made by women who likely hate themselves. #MegRyan."

This isn't the first time there's been discourse about Ryan's looks. In 2016, people on social media had a similar reaction to Ryan's looks when the actress was a presenter at the Tony Awards. Recently fans also had to jump to Jack Nicholson's defense when he was spotted looking 'disheveled' and 'unrecognizable,' as some criticized.