Fans debunk 'leaked script' rumors that the Tommy Fury and Jake Paul fight was rigged: 'No way anyone believes this'

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The fight between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul may be over, but people still can’t seem to stop talking about it.

The professional boxers faced off on Feb. 26 in a match called “The Truth,” held at Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia. It ended with Fury winning in a split decision, but rumors swirled that the whole thing was fake after an alleged “script” leaked on Twitter.

First shared hours before the match, the script begins with a general rundown of the night, the order in which each fighter will enter and the songs both men will walk out to.

But here’s the interesting part: The “script” proceeds to break down each round, offering a brief summary of what will happen, from each men’s movements in the ring to the fact that Fury would need medical assistance for an injury to his left eye.

Fellow MMA fighter Mike Perry appears to have first shared the alleged script, asking, “What’s happening?”

Within the hour, Dillon Danis (another MMA fighter) also shared the document, claiming he’d been saying this for a while.

In response, fans replied to both tweets with their own thoughts, and most didn’t seem to buy that the script could be real.

“This better be fake,” one Twitter user told Perry.

“No way anyone believes this,” someone else added.

“Whoever made this went fishing and caught a big one in you,” someone else tweeted at Dillon.

The public has good reason to be skeptical.

For one thing, Indy100 points out that Dillon has been a “notorious critic” of Paul for some time, accusing the YouTuber of staging all of his fights. For another, the night had a lot of money at stake for both Fury, 23, and Paul, 26, as the winner took home some serious cash.

In addition, TMZ notes that the so-called script predicted Paul would beat Fury by a technical knockout (TKO) in the 8th round of the fight, which isn’t what happened.

Because of this, many fans suspect that the “leaked script” was part of an elaborate prank to get attention — and in the days since, multiple sources basically confirmed that.

“this faker than the NFT’s you promote lil bro,” one person tweeted at Dillon.

“even if this is true and you of all people found evidence, nobody will believe you because you constantly lie and scam,” said someone else. “you’re the internet’s boy who cried wolf.”

Other fans pointed out that the entrance songs noted in the script were wrong and that boxing promoters mentioned in the document don’t exist.

From there, the validity of the script seemed to crumble.

According to TMZ, Perry spoke out about the backlash he received for posting the document.

“It was an Instagram post I think my buddy sent me,” Perry said of how he received it.

But ultimately, it seems that even Perry realized the script was a fake.

“The script was hilarious, it was funny, I guess just a joke,” he said.

Even so, he doesn’t appear to regret posting it — and more or less said as much when interviewed.

“I tweeted it and it’s probably my best tweet of all time,” Perry admitted. “It got a lot of attention. People talked a lot of trash on me for it. Whatever.”

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