Fans Are Convinced These Rumors About Harry & Meghan Have Everything to Do With William & Kate

When you’re in the public eye, rumors and speculation are bound to surround you — and the British royal family is no different. After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s terrifying, near-fatal car crash, the pair have been laying low from the public (including Meghan missing an appearance to accept an award from the Gracie Awards!) Soon after this, many experts and sources are claiming that the pair are on rocky ground, and that a split may come sooner rather than later — but fans think this influx of news has everything to do with Kate Middleton and Prince William’s relationship.

On May 29, 2023, a Twitter user by the name of @TheDuchessZone posted a screenshot of multiple articles claiming Harry has reportedly contacted divorce lawyers. The account posted this viral screenshot with the caption reading, “Like I was saying, William is divorcing Catherine.”

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Now, this tweet has caused a bit of a rabbit hole effect with royal fans. While a few fans are taking these Harry and Meghan relationship issues seriously (with one user saying, “There’s a lot of coping in here…. I am not suprised. They seemed quite unhappy in the documentary ngl”) more fans claim it means there are actually issues brewing with William and Kate’s relationship.

One Twitter user explained, “I’m not sure he is going to divorce her but sum sure William is looking at his options. Whenever an article comes up about Harry and Meghan I already know there’s trouble in paradise with William and Kate.”

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Quite a few claim that the Firm is trying to cause a diversion, by putting the spotlight on the Sussexes’ relationship, rather than William and Kate’s.

Many fans in this discourse are even claiming that since the public has welcomed Queen Camila, who was famously known as King Charles’ mistress, that William will be doing the same with Rose Hanbury. One user wrote, “They saying he gon marry his mistress now that the public accepted Camilla and I’m—-.”

Now, this discourse has gained quite a few differing opinions, but as it stands: both couples seem to be fine. While William and Kate focus on their new duties and helping modernize the monarchy, Harry and Meghan are working on expanding their empire from the US.

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