You Won’t Believe Who Ended Up Being the Giraffe on ‘The Masked Singer’

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You Won’t Believe Who Ended Up Being the Giraffe on ‘The Masked Singer’
You Won’t Believe Who Ended Up Being the Giraffe on ‘The Masked Singer’

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Editor’s note: Turns out the Giraffe is Brian Austin Green! Nope, definitely didn’t see that one coming. Check out all the celebrity reveals right here.

The Masked Singer is back, and in the words of Jessie Spano from Saved by the Bell, I’m so excited, I’m so excited, I’m so…scared. This season, we’re being introduced to a new fleet of “celebrities,” all of whom (a) need to fire their agents immediately and (b) have been forced to climb inside various clearly possessed costumes, including the Popcorn, the Giraffe (we’ll be discussing him here today, shudder), and this absolutely horrifying entity called “Baby Alien.” Quick, shield your eyes:

Photo credit: Giphy
Photo credit: Giphy

The sooner we can figure out which celebs are trapped inside these monstrosities, the better, and the time has come to figure out who’s lurking in the Giraffe. Fortunately, The Masked Singer has barely started and fans already have some solid theories, so let’s hold hands, form a quick prayer circle, and jump in.

The Clue Package(s)

Get this: The Giraffe’s first clue package has been deleted by The Masked Singer’s YouTube channel. WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO HIDE?! Fortunately for you, I watched all 37 seconds before they were scrubbed from the internet and can confidently say there are two (2) things to note:

  1. The Secret Service–style entrance implies this celeb has a beefed-up security team.

  2. The outfit implies it’s someone ~royal~ (PRINCE HARRY, THAT YOU?).

Which brings us to clue package number two:

The second clue package is a bit longer, clocking in at 1:02, and offers a little more info:

  1. We get a reference to a carnival, complete with balloons.

  2. The Giraffe notes that he’s had a “roller coaster career.”

  3. Music is in his blood, which could mean he comes from a famous family?

  4. He became the butt of everyone’s jokes when he took a giant risk.

  5. There’s a $3 sign, which seems significant?

The Theories

Jonathan Groff

To quote this random person on YouTube: “I’M GETTING HAMILTON VIBESSS DKBDKSJF I CAN’T WAIT.”

For reasons that remain mysterious, literally everyone in the YouTube comments thinks the Giraffe is a Hamilton star, and based on the costume, there’s some speculation that it’s Jonathan Groff, who played King George in the musical. (You might also recognize him from Mindhunter…or maybe you’re more a Kristoff-in-Frozen type of gal.)

Anthony Ramos

Another possibility is Anthony Ramos, who not only starred in Hamilton but, as one fan points out, is also in the upcoming In the Heights movie. Perhaps the Giraffe costume is a play on “height”?! Innnnnteresting.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Photo credit: Nicholas Hunt - Getty Images
Photo credit: Nicholas Hunt - Getty Images

Truly praying for the people who have convinced themselves that Lin-Manuel Miranda would make time to be on this show, but enough fans are speculating that, begrudgingly, I feel obligated to include his name on this list.

Fred Durst

Photo credit: Patrick Ford - Getty Images
Photo credit: Patrick Ford - Getty Images

Some fans are pointing to the $3 sign as a reference to Limp Bizkit’s song “Three Dollar Bill, Y’all.” But wait, there’s more! Fred also directed John Travolta in The Fanatic, a movie that earned just $3,153 in its opening weekend. Pretty sure that counts as sticking your neck out and ending up in “knots.”

Hugh Jackman

Some fans are getting Greatest Showman vibes from the Giraffe, but guys. There is no way Hugh Jackman’s agents would let him do this to his career!!!! I hope. Then again, who knows. 2020 has been weird.

Vanilla Ice

This theory specifically comes from the Giraffe’s curious performance of “Let’s Get It Started,” by The Black Eyed Peas. Apparently, people recognized his voice, but due to having no memory of what Vanilla Ice sounds like, I can’t officially weigh in.

On top of that, commenters are pointing out that Vanilla Ice was raised near Paris, Texas (hence the outfit vibes), and that he’s won three motor-cross championships. Plus, the roller coaster in clue package number two could be a reference to his song “Roll Em Up.”

We’ll be updating these theories as the show progresses, but until then, I’ll leave you with this:

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